Secure Your Pet When Moving


This article was written for posting on Pet Guardian Angels of America by Dustin Montgomery


Often times when moving day rolls around our pets are thought of last. Everything is all packed and everyone is loaded up, but where is Fido going to go? Hopefully you are reading the before that happens! Securing your pet in a carrying case or travel kennel is vital to your safety and theirs.

Make sure your pet is comfortable! Get them a case that is big enough for them and they won’t be cramped in. If you have a long trip ahead, make sure to schedule frequent stops to let them out to go to the bathroom and get some water. Always put them in a vehicle where you can be sure they are warm or cool enough just like you are. Consider putting down some blankets in their cage too. If you are moving, you can just toss a moving blanket in there. Read more on using a moving blanket as a dog bed.

It is very important that pets are secured in a carrying case or travel kennel for their safety and yours. Even if you think your pet does well ridding around town, long trips and the excitement of moving can alter their behavior and distract you. The last thing you want is a wreck on your hands! Each pet should have their own separate carrying case as well.

Secure the travel kennel well, just in case you have to take a sharp turn. If it is a small carrying case you may be able to use a seatbelt in a car. However for bigger travel kennel like in a van, you should
consider a ratchet or cam buckle strap over the case to keep it from moving around.

No matter how big or small your pets are, always be sure to keep them and you safe by using and securing carrying cases or travel kennels in your vehicles.