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Best Dog Breed for Me Series – Beagle



The Basics


Did you know that the beagle is 5th most popular breed
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according to the The AKC officially recognized them in 1885.

Beagles are about 15 inches tall, and there are many variations of colors and markings.

Males will weigh between 22 and 25 pounds, while female beagles will be 20 to 23 pounds.

Being the barkers and howlers that they are, I would not recommend this breed for apartment dwellers, your neighbors may not appreciate it.


Can you guess who the most famous beagle is?
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If you guessed SNOOPY you were right – yes, that beloved cartoon character is a beagle.


Beagles are fun-loving, and they will keep you laughing because they love to clown around.

They make a great family pet because of their fun-loving nature. Beagles are happy, laid-back dogs that love to play; this is what makes them excellent dogs for families with children.

This breed lived in packs for many years, so this makes them want to be part of the family, and be around you. They enjoy going places with you, and enjoy the company of the family.

This dog will not go off into a corner by itself. If you are lucky enough to still have actual family time together where the family all gathers, you will find your beagle right in the middle of the group.

With that said, on the flip side, beagles do not mind spending time alone when you are at work, and the kids are at school.


Beagles will need exercise both physically and mentally. This exercise can be anything from running around the backyard with the kids. Playing a game of fetch, or even a few agility tricks will help exercise your Beagle. Jumping over poles, running doggie tunnels, these are all fun activities for this dog.

Be watchful of the beagle. Remember that they are hound dogs, and their noses may take them to places they shouldn’t be. They will follow a scent as far as it will take them. Always keep them on a leash, there is no telling where their nose will take them, and they are quick.

The can get lost quickly if not on a leash. Always keep a beagle contained in some fashion; fenced in yard, kennel, in the home be sure they can’t run past you. Once they find a scent, it’s over. Nothing you can do is going to get them off the trail of that scent.

This can be used as an exercise advantage. A great mental activity; create “seek” games for your beagle; by hiding his favorite toy in the back yard. You can also use treats to hide and let him seek and find these. This is not only a game for him, but because he is a hound dog, this is also a reward for him. Allowing him or her to do the thing he or she was meant to do.

If you have had a good training session with him or her, allowing them a game of seek and find is probably one of the best rewards. However, this dog is a treat hound (pun intended), they will not turn down a treat.

Grooming Needs:

Beagles are known shedders, regular grooming with a shedding tool will help stop some of that beagle hair floating around on your floor. This will also keep their coat in good condition. However, grooming your beagle may include some extra baths.

If they have trailed a particularly interesting scent for them, they like to take a roll around in it. You may not appreciate the scent, so it is bath time.

The most important grooming item you need to be concerned with is their ears’. Beagles have the long floppy ears, and little nasty critters love to make their home inside their ears.

There can also be a build up of moisture, wax, and other debris in the ear, which can cause an infection.

Keep their teeth clean too, this goes across the board for all dogs. Dental issues for all dogs can cause some very serious problems.


The beagle in general is a healthy dog. There are some concerns with hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism, but most beagles are healthy dogs. As previously mentioned, keep their ears clean, and dry, or they can end up with an ear infection.


A beagle’s life span is 12 to 15 years. They are listed in the small breed dog category.
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A beagle is a small breed dog, they need a healthy and nutritious diet specifically for small breeds. It is always best to work with your veterinarian to decide the best food for your dog.


Beagles are independent dogs, so they can be a challenge to train. You need to know what you are doing when it comes to training.

If you decide this is the “Best Dog Breed for Me”, then please read up on training a beagle. There is a great book on Amazon called “Beagle (Smart Owner’s Guide)” by Dog Fancy Magazine. This comes in a Kindle format so you can download immediately, and this would be an excellent resource if you decide the Beagle is the “Best Dog Breed for Me”.

Be ready to take a training class too, if you are a first time dog owner. I would not necessarily recommend this breed for first time owners, but if you do your homework on training and take a class, you can get through to this dog.

Training a beagle never ends; you need to continually reinforce their training. Plan to always have training sessions. Remember training can be fun, if you make it fun.

Of course, in my usual fashion, I have a video from Dogs 101 so you can see this adorable dog in action, and learn a little more about this breed. To see if this is the Best Dog Breed for Me.

You can get more information right from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Here is a link to Christie Zizo’s website. She knows what life if like with beagles. Two of her furry family members are beagles, Lulu and Jasmine. You can also follow her on twitter @lifewithbeagle

You can watch some fun videos of her two beagles on Christie’s YouTube channel.

This will show you just how active beagles can be, and what life really is like with these adorable dogs.

Is the beagle “The Best Dog Breed For Me”. Only you can know that.

Do your research, and understand the lifestyle of a beagle, and your lifestyle, only then will you know the answer to that question.

Until Next Time

Paws & Wags

Suzanne Dean, ABCDT & Mary

Hi Mary here, I just wanted to tell you that I had a sister that was a beagle mix, and she was a lot of fun to be around. I miss her lots.

My sister Daisy – I miss her
Love you Daisy – Love Mary.
See you at the Rainbow Bridge someday
Please be waiting for me!

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