Seven Super Foods For Your Dog



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Superfoods for Dogs


If you had to eat the same thing every day, don’t you think you’d get sick of it? Variety is the spice of life, especially if you don’t put any on your food, and feeding the family dog a varied diet is a good way to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Some dogs have health problems related to dry food, while others may live for a shorter duration due to the quality of the food you feed them ( Instead of only feeding your dog dry kibble, it may be beneficial for his health and happiness to feed him wet food or raw food instead. Just like people, dogs get complete vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from many different sources. Enhancing your dog’s quality of life can start with figuring out how to improve his diet.

Wet Food

Feeding your dog a mix of wet and dry food can help preserve his health and longevity ( Wet food is also good for your dog’s coat and joints. Wet food is also a good option for older animals or dogs with health problems. Wet food also provides your animal with more hydration as it’s typically water-based.

Homemade Food

Just as you wouldn’t want to live on packaged or pre-made food, feeding your dog solely processed food isn’t the best for promoting a long life. Instead, choosing to make nutritionally-balanced meals for your dog ( is a great way to avoid feeding man’s best friend man made chemicals, additives or fillers.

Choosing to make your dog’s meals means doing some research and planning ahead, just as you would to feed you or your family. Some owners make some meals in addition to keeping dry food on hand.

Raw Food

Some meals in the “homemade” category contain some raw elements. There are a good deal of benefits (as well as potential risks) from feeding your dog a “raw” diet. The benefits may be linked to evolutionary biology; experts believe that because dogs hunted in the past and in the wild, their physique may be well-suited for digesting raw meat. This kind of food is more akin to what your dog would eat naturally, thus minimizing potential health problems like tumors, arthritis and so on.

The risks of feeding your dog raw items stem from a lack of research or preparation, although canines can get food poisoning from diseases that thrive on raw meat. It’s also important to note that a dog shouldn’t only subsist on vegetables, since they are primarily carnivores in nature. Any vegetables in the diet should act as supplement.

In fact, some fruits and vegetables perform very well to enrich the nutrition of housedogs. Several of these foods are commonly found in processed dog food kibble, and may be given to your dog either raw or lightly steamed as a side to his main meal.

Feeding your dog a varied diet makes for a happy, healthy pup! Check out the infographic below for some fruits and veggies that add essential nutrients to your dog’s diet:

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