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Shades of dog poop can be found from one end of the United States to another, fast becoming one of America’s non-favorite past times. It is also a major money maker, as fines for failing to pick up dog feces are hundreds of dollars higher than fines for getting caught in public leaving human poop lying around. Sometimes a toilet is just too far away … whereas a dog has the world at his or her beck and call.

A deal breaker for large cities, in 2007, the San Francisco Chronicle went public with the fact that there were more dogs than kids in their city. By the time the newspaper went to print, there were over 150,000 dogs on the streets of San Francisco. And… most who were owned by dog owners who do not pick up any dog poop their dog leaves every day.

One dog will accumulate over 275 pounds of dog waste per year.

Being responsible means knowing your dog’s schedule and your dog’s body. Is its toileting schedule abnormal? Is he or she sick? Does he or she have diarrhea? Are they constipated? Do they have diarrhea with a high fever or vomiting? Do they have bloody feces, and what does that mean? If you are looking at dog worms, what kind of worms can cause bloody feces?

To make it simple, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers dog poop as a dangerous pollutant. They consider it on the same category as toxic chemicals and oil. It is vital we become responsible dog owners by cleaning up after them. When they are let outside or go for their daily walks, dogs can drop little brown bombs or gigantic brown bombs as trail markers, depending on the size of your dog!
Basic reasons dog owners do not clean up dog poop.

Approximately 40% of dog owners walking their dogs refuse to pick up dog poop after their dogs. Some dog owners are best described as lazy and low-energy; they are also rude and inconsiderate. The big question is…why?

  1. The doggie poop bags are left at home. Solution: keep the bags near the leash.
  2. When walking at night or letting your dog out at night, you cannot see the dog droppings. Solution: Place a flashlight near the leash.
  3. The most common reason is the refusal to carry a gross, poopy doggie bag that smells badly. Solution: Today there are beautifully designed doggie bags that are deodorized and made to clip onto the leash.
  4. Runners or walkers refuse to pick up dog poop and carry the smelly bag the rest of the exercise run or walking. They usually will drop it where the “dirty deed” happens and assume (ahem…assume) they will pick it up when returning. But they never do.
  5. One of the most popular myths is that dog poop is a natural product. When left on the ground, it will naturally dissolve into the ground into something good. Solution: One dog produces about 275 pounds of dog waste. In order to kill pathogens in it, the feces would need to be heated at 165 degrees for five days. Best solution is to pick it up immediately before it spreads toxic poisons.
  6. Lack of knowledge is the number one reason for leaving shades of dog poop. Solution: By not picking up dog waste, the parasites and parasitic eggs will multiply up to 2,000 eggs a day. They are highly resistant to hot and cold temperatures.
  7. Learn about shades of dog poop all you can. Learn about what it is, why you should pick it up, how dangerous it is, and how it will affect your dog in the long run.

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