Should Dogs With Arthritis Exercise? 4 Benefits To Correctly Exercising Dogs With Arthritis

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by Joe Scott

Exercise can hurt or greatly benefit dogs with arthritis; it all depends on when and how your dog gets exercise.

Did you know that exercise could provide natural dog arthritis pain relief? Its a common misconception that arthritis pain is worsened by exercise. Since my dog turned 6, I’ve noticed he is always the most sore the day after a hunt, so I can totally relate to the fear that exercise is only making your dog’s arthritis pain worse. But it’s not true.

Sure, exercise can make things worse, say for instance you spend one-hour a day hiking up hills and then leave your dog inside to sit for the rest of the day. But, when done right, exercise can work as a natural remedy for arthritis in dogs. All you have to do is make sure your dog gets frequent shorter intervals of exercise throughout the day. Regular exercise prevents your dog’s muscles and joints from stiffening up due to long periods of inactivity, ultimately acting as a remedy for dog arthritis pain relief.

#1. Exercise Relieves Joint Stiffness

If a dog with arthritis does not get enough exercise they will encounter more pain and stiffness. Plus, when muscles aren’t developed due to a lack of exercise, your dog’s joints have to work even harder. This causes faster deterioration of cartilage and other important tissues.

#2. Exercise Helps Maintain A Healthy Weight

Obese dogs are at a much greater risk for developing arthritis. While weight gain can be a sign of arthritis, due to decreased activity, it will make arthritis so much worse. Just think about it, when your dog is carrying around more weight it puts additional stress on their joints, which ultimately causes more inflammation and cartilage to break down faster.





#3. Exercise Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Illnesses

Exercise works all of your dog’s muscles, including his or her big ol’ heart. That’s why exercise is so good for cardio-related diseases like diabetes or hypertension.

#4. Exercise Helps Your Dog Sleep Better

Its perfectly normal for dogs with arthritis to quickly fall asleep after exercise. A day filled with short bursts of activity leads to a good night’s sleep. As your dog soundly sleeps through the night, their immune system can efficiently work to repair damages. The better your dog sleeps, the harder their immune system works.




#5. Exercise Tips For Dogs With Arthritis

The most important tip of all is to make sure exercise for dogs with arthritis is spread out into smaller intervals throughout the day. For instance, you might want to shoot for 10 to 15 minute walks, 3 times a day.

  • Try and stick to low intensity walks with smooth surfaces and no steep hills.
  • Listen to your dog and if they are acting like they’ve had enough for the day.
  • Take your dog swimming so they can reap the natural dog arthritis pain relief granted by non-weight bearing exercises like swimming. Swimming helps develop stronger muscles and keep your dog in good shape without putting strain on joints.
  • Its perfectly normal for your dog to act more tired following exercise. Don’t let that deter you from engaging them in activities the following day.

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