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Goldfish Ick

By : Gary DeWitt

If you have taken care of the water quality of your fish tank, then your goldfish getting ich is not your fault. It just happens. We will clear up what ich is and how to take care of it.

Goldfish Ick is also known as gold fish ich, ichthyophthiriasis, or white spot. It is a protozoan parasite that infects goldfish. In particular it is the parasite Ichthyophthirius. This parasite affects all freshwater fish. Ick does not just affect goldfish, but also betta fish, discus fish, and just about any tropical fish tank.

Parasites like this one are almost always present in fish ponds, tanks, or aquariums. Poor water quality, stress, or weakened immune system can increase the probability of your goldfish developing the parasite.

Of all the parasite that goldfish can get, ick is the most common. Anybody that has kept fish for any length of time will encounter this parasite.

Ick Symptom

Symptoms include anorexia (loss of weight), rapid breathing (parasite in gills), hiding abnormally, resting on the bottom, flashing, and rubbing or scratching against objects.

Ick Signs

  • Skin may have white spots on it. These may grow to a full 1 millimeter across.
  • Fins are folded and show white spots.
  • Eyes may appear cloudy or milky.
  • Gill infection will cause rapid breathing. Fish may also breathe at surface. Ick is a cause of extreme irritation to goldfish and if left untreated ick will kill goldfish. However, because it is so common there are plenty of remedies available at any good pet shop or veterinary surgery.Ick is easily treated in your tropical fish tank. A visit to your local pet store to get one of the common chemicals such as formalin, malachite green, copper sulfate, and many others will be your first line of defense.Another cure involves adding enough salt to the tank to be toxic to the parasite, but not enough to be toxic to the fish. The problem is that other tropical fish are more sensitive to salt and may be harmed by it. In a fish pond, salt just is not a good solution in that it would take a lot of salt to work.Another cure is to raise the temperature of the tank above the range that the ich parasite can tolerate. But again, some other fish may find this temperature lethal.

    Author Resource:- Friend, I hope that we cleared up what goldfish ick is and how to treat it. I really encourage you to visit this site for a lot more information on how to keep your goldfish ick free.

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