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This Page was updated:  November 11. 2018

Abuse, Stop When It Comes to Stopping Animal Cruelty, It’s Good to Be Nosy  (11-18-12)

Adoption and Caring:    A very comprehensive article about homing a rescue animal (03-11-18)

Adopting Small Animals:  The Complete Guide to Adopting a Small Animal  (12-17-16)

Alternatives: Alternative Pets  (01-22-13)

Apartments: Apartment Pets    (10-09-13)

Benefits for A Pet Owner:  How A Pet Can Benefit Its Human Companion  (06-28-18)

Benefit of Pets For Kids  The Essential Guide (02-21-18)

Cars: Don’t Leave ANY Pet in a Potentially Hot Car  (07-30-14)

Children: Pets Can Influence A Child’s Development  (05-01-14)

Choosing a Vet:  7 Vital Vet Tips  (10-25-15)

Clean-up Methods:  Natural Cleaning Tips for Pet for Pet Owners (05-21-18)

Companions:  What Kind of Animal Is It? [pet companions/assistants]  (07-13-17)

Costs of Vet Care:  Low Cost Vet Care Options You Should Know  (10-07-16)

Costs:  The Cost of Pet Care    (11-16-15)

Disaster Preparedness:    Preparing for Natural Disasters: Pet Edition  (07-20-18)

Diseases: Small Mammal Pet Diseases That Could Affect Humans  (04-29-13)

Early Education:  Raising Kids With Pets  (03-17-17)

Emotional Support Animal:  How to Qualify for an ESA Letter  (01-29-18)

FDA: Do You Have Questions for the FDA  (12/17/14)

First Time Pet OwnersLearning to Be a Great Owner for Your Pet  (03-10-17)

Guide to Adoption:  The Complete Guide to Adopting a Small Animal   (05-24-18)

Home Safety – Fire:  Smoke Kills (07-08-16)

Kids and New Pets:  How to introduce your child to a new pet  (03-05-18)

Kids and Pet Loss:  How This Groundbreaking Children’s Book is Helping Families Cope With the Loss of a Pet  (02-22-17)

Mistakes By Vets?  Missed Diagnoses: What to Do When You Think Your Vet Is Missing Something  (05-04-18)

Mobile Vet:  Mobile Vet Clinics: What Are They?  (01-20-17)

Moving:  Flying or Driving With Your Unconventional Pet  (11-24-17)

Moving:  5 Smart Principles For Moving Our Pets  (09-25-15)

Myths: Myths about Rescues  (07-15-14)

My Valentine:  Ten Reasons  (02-20-18)

New Pet:  Bringing A New Pet Into the Home  (07-31-18)

New Vet; Finding:  Tips for Finding a New Veterinarian  (02-22-18)

Ownership:  Differentiating Between Pet Parents and Pet Owners (09-07-17)

Pet Care:  Learn to Take Proper Care of Your Pet  (09-07-15)

Pets:   Pets ARE Good For You!  (03-16-18)

Pets At Work:  Managing A “Pets At Work Day”  (08-12-18)

Poisons, Control Center:ASPCA Poison Control Center (09-18-15)

Poison Control: Pet Poison Helpline®

Rescue: What Makes A Good Rescue?  (08-09-14)

Safety Guide : Pet Home Safety Guide (08-09-15)

School:  Pets In The Classroom  (11-04-17)

School Pets:  Back to School: A New Pet for the Teacher and the Class  (09-14-16)

Second hand Smoke:  Dangers to Pets, Children and Other Living Things  (12-31-17)

Squirrels:    All about Squirrel Nests  (03-03-18)

Stop Abuse:  Animal Abuse and Neglect  (06-19-16)

Substance Abuse:  How Can Having a Pet Prevent Kids from Using Drugs or Alcohol?  (12-04-16)

Therapy: Therapy is Gaining Popularity and Emotional Support (05-27-17)




Stop Ferret Biting  (07-28-18)

Keeping ferrets and other pets (06-13-18)

What Do You Need For A Ferret? (10-22-17)


Ferret Myths Debunked (04-28-15)




Goats As Pets:  Want a Backyard Goat? 10 Things to Consider  (10-04-18)


Guinea Pigs

Adopting:  Adopting a Guinea Pig is a Commitment  (12-27-16)

Popcorning:  Have You Ever Seen Your Pet Chinchilla or Guinea Pig Popcorning?  (08-31-18)

5 Toys Your Guinea Pig Will Love   (11-23-13)

When Is A Pig Not A Pig? (Guinea Pigs)  (7/9/06)



Exercise:  Hamster Balls  (11-11-18)

Hamster Facts:  8 Fun Facts about Hamsters  (03-26-18)

Hamster Health: (9/16/13)

Happy and Healthy:  Hamster and Gerbil Enrichment  (03-09-17)

Teeth Care:  How to Keep Hamster Teeth Healthy  (08-01-18)

Training:  Can A Hamster be Trained?  Absolutely  (08-15-17)

Taking Care of A Pet Hamster (02-22-15)

When a hamster dies (Hamsters)  (5/26/09)


Fat Rabbits:  Obesity in Rabbits  (11-05-17)

Owning A Rabbit:  Do You Want a Bunny for Easter?  (02-06-18)

The Only Easter Bunny to Buy at Easter Should Be Chocolate (05-16-14)

Rabbit Facts:  10 Things You Should Know About Pet Bunnies  (03-31-18)

Seizures (Epilepsy) in Rabbits (02-20-13)

So you want to Own A Cute Pet Bunny  (08-31-16)

Should You Get A Rabbit Hutch Or A Rabbit Cage For Your Pet Rabbit?  (12-11-10)

How to Train Your Rabbit to Use a Litter Box  (9/23/08)


Don’t Want to Get Your Kid a Dog?  Get Him Rats!  (11-14-16)