South Dakota Animal Rescue and Adoption Listings

The rescue of South Dakota dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small domestic mammals, is critical to the well-being of these companions.  This page is dedicated to providing rescue lists for all South Dakota pets.  We thank all those people who give unselfishly to the saving and placement of the less fortunate, and we hope that any heartache you encounter is overwhelmed by the happiness you make.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  It is PGAA’s desire to provide a list of adoption and rescue sites that rescue pets and, hopefully, place them into new loving and caring homes.  While we make every effort to only publish links from reputable rescue agencies, we HAVE NOT physically reviewed these organizations.  Let us know of any unfavorable experiences that you may have had with any rescue/adoption group at PGAA Rescues.

It is difficult to continually maintain a completely valid list of operating rescue agencies so some of these rescues may no longer be operating.  Your cooperation in notifying us of closed rescues will also be appreciated.

Search Recommendations

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  • If you don’t find a group in your state search the surrounding states
  • Still no luck?  Go to the National section and scroll to the appropriate pet
  • When all else fails E-mail us for assistance

South Dakota Adoption and Rescue Organizations.

Please use caution when considering placing an animal with any one involved in animal rescue, or if you get an animal from a rescue/adoption agency. Get references and do some investigation on your own.  Long-distance/sight unseen adoptions can be risky.

A “Yes” in the No-Kill column means that the rescue is a shelter where animals are only euthanized if they are too sick to be treated or too aggressive to be suitable for adoption.

All South Dakota (57717) Birds Parrots Black Hills Parrot Welfare and Education Center, Inc
Rapid City, SD 57703 Cats and Dogs All The Humane Society of the Black Hills
Sioux Falls, SD 57104 Cats and Dogs All Sioux Falls Area Humane Society
Tyndall, SD 57066 Dogs All Paws to Love K-9 Rescue
Cortland, NE 68331 Dogs Toy Stickneys Toy Breed Rescue and Retirement Sanctuary and Pekingese Rescue for the Midwest Yes
South Dakota Dogs Australian Shepherds Aussie Rescue Midwest (click on State)
South Dakota Dogs Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd of South Dakota
South Dakota Dogs Boston Terrier Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue
South Dakota Dogs Boston Terrier MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue Inc.
Omaha, NE 68139 Dogs Dachshund Nebraska Dachshund Rescue
Omaha, NE 68114 Dogs Doberman Doberman Rescue of Nebraska
South Dakota Dogs Golden Retrievers Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota 952-946-8070
South Dakota Dogs Great Dane Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue.
Eastern South Dakota Dogs Great Dane Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue
Cortland, NE 68331 Dogs Pekingese Stickneys Toy Breed Rescue and Retirement Sanctuary and Pekingese Rescue for the Midwest Yes
Delmont, SD 57330 Farm All ET Farms Animal Rescue