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Keep Your Pets Safe and Secure After a Storm


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Posted on November 25, 2012 by Marie

In the days after Hurricane Sandy hit my neighborhood I have seen many posted signs have appeared announcing missing or found pets.  Traumatized by the storm, and the chaos that followed, many pets went missing. It is heartbreaking to see the signs seeking news of  the possible whereabouts of family pets.  Other signs with “pet’s found” show photos of frightened furry friends as helpful individuals attempt to reunite them with their families.

Many pets went missing in aftermath of the hurricane.  Frightened by the noise of the fierce winds and rushing flood waters, cats and dogs often act on their natural instinct to flee danger.  When evacuating in a storm it is easy for the family pet to get loose and run seeking safety. Hurricane force winds and rising waters will often cause windows of the house to blow in creating easy access to the outside.

Additional dangers exist after the storm as well.  Strong winds often knock fences down leaving back yards unsecured.  Even if the fencing remained standing through the storm, when heavy rainfalls saturates the ground fence posts could become loose. The fence can then easily fall down days later or be knocked down by a dog let out in the yard.

Take precautions to keep your pet safe and secure during and after a storm

  • Be sure to have a secure carrier or leash for each pet.  Have them handy and easily accessible   During the chaos of a storm is not the time to have to locate these items in hard to reach places.
  • Stay calm to keep your pets calm.  Dogs and cats can sense when you are upset and this will cause them to be more anxious and afraid.  Try to keep the routine in the house as normal as possible.
  • If you need to evacuate make sure carrier doors are securely closed and leashes and collars are properly attached.  While evacuating is not the time for your pet to escape the carrier or pull out of their collar.
  • After the storm check for damage to yards and fences before letting out your pup.  Make sure fences are secure in the ground and there are no gaps that a small dog could get through.

Reuniting pets with their families

If your pet goes missing, work quickly to get the word out.  Post visible, clear signs around the neighborhood as soon as possible.  Include:

  • A brief description of your pet
  • Date they were discovered missing
  • The area or street where they were last seen
  • Their name and, if possible, a recent photo
  • Contact phone number

Have the phone available at all times or frequently check phone messages.  Retrace the route where you usually go for walks as your pup is likely to revisit familiar places. If your cat goes missing check the area around your home in the evening as cats are nocturnal and are more likely to be roaming at that time.  They may also return to their home area at their usual meal times.

Be persistent in your search, keep signs current, and let everyone know that your pet is lost. Be sure to check the area for “Pet Found” signs as one of them could be for the furry friend you are looking for. Enlist the help of others and everyone will work together for your pet’s safe return.

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This article was originally posted and shared by Lucy’s Barkery