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This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Harry Southworth

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10 Best Dog Breeds for College Students

Your furry four-legged friends bring more benefit to you than you can imagine. During
2016, an line survey of 2 000 pet owners was done. The results proved that 74% of pet owners claimed that their mental health improved because of owning a pet. The results also proved that 45% of pet owners know that pets support classroom learning.

Enhanced classroom learning and improved mental health are exactly what you need during college because of the mental capacity it demands. So, which dogs for college students and why? Let’s find out.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden retriever is on top of the list because of the positive energy and vibe it gives off. They are playful and very friendly, so having one will not hinder you from getting more friends in your college. These adorable canines can be taken for walks so you can refresh your mind from the books and to also keep your metabolism high.

2. Poodle

The dominant traits of poodles are their devotion to their human family, their desire to please and their intellect. These pups are also friendly to strangers so they will get along with your study group friends when they come over.

Because of its intellect, it will be easy to housetrain your puppy and poodles like to take long walks because of their energetic spirit.

3. Basset Hound

A basset hound adapts well to apartment living conditions and is also friendly to humans, including strangers. The dog doesn’t have high energy levels, so you don’t have to take your canine out for long walks.

Basset hound is one of the best college dogs because it can tolerate being alone and it is also adaptable to because it is not too sensitive to change.

4. Shih Tzu

This little toy dog is independent, which makes it easy for it to tolerate being alone while you are in class. These dogs have a lively character and are loyal to their human family, although it is also affectionate even to strangers.

Shih Tzu are easy to train and are easily susceptible to live in apartment conditions. These dogs are all about indoors life because of its heat sensitivity.

5. Pug

You have probably seen Doug the Pug online and also recognized how charming he looks. Beneath the looks, there is a sociable, playful and intellectual side covered by the fur and short tail.

These dogs interact well with human beings and are easily trainable to live in apartment conditions. This breed is also quiet and will not disturb the neighbors while you are in classes.

6. Boston Terrier

The “American Gentleman” which originates in the U.S is normally distinguished by its color and markings on its body. These distinguishing features are just the physical ones but who they are, comes from within.

The characteristics of this dog are – being friendly, lively and intellectual, which tells you that they are easily trainable and easy going with their owners and strangers alike.

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7. English Bulldog

This bulldog is a great housedog and can be trained for living in apartment living conditions with ease because of the willful mood it shows. This dog is also friendly and will have no trouble when you have your friends around.

English bulldogs are very relaxed and generally cool as a cucumber and this is why it is mistaken as a lack of energy levels. This dog can be an acquired taste for others, but its puppy eyes are the best.

8. Lhasa Apso

This dog breed amasses a wide range of characteristics in its personality and they include liveliness, obedience, devotion, playfulness, friendliness, intelligence and high energy levels.

You can expect this dog to be a great apartment dog that is friendly even towards strangers that expects long walks because of its energy. You can make great pastime with this pup as it is also playful.

9. Chinese Crested

This breed comes in two ways with and without fur, but it still has one spirit that has the characteristics of being lively, affectionate, happy and playful. This dog loves its walks and also loves its playtime and this dog is a really good housedog.

Chinese crested dog will surely lift your spirits with its every happy mood. This breed also loves spending time with people and is very friendly.

10. Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel is a special and dignified breed. This dog is calm and is very loyal to his owner. If you are looking for a gentle and great-hearted dog, the Clumber Spaniel is your best bet. This dog can handle itself on its own while you are off to classes and can be friendly to your friends.


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Whether you decide to adopt it or buy it’s your choice but in everything you do avoid at all means to home a dog you won’t be able to feed. As you may have noticed while reading here, dogs love you and the least you can do is to love them back by taking care of them. Good luck on your college adventure and all the best as you try to pick your four-legged best friend.

Harry Southworth is a professional content writer and editor. He loves sharing his inspiring tips on how to care for pets. During his free time, you’ll find him playing with his two dogs or camping in the mountains.