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SARDS Awareness


Published April 14, 2014 | By Michael


Having had a SARDS dog and knowing how devastating this catastrophic disease is, I try to help people stay informed by writing articles on the subject of SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome).

The sad fact is that more and more dogs are diagnosed with this disease while at the same time, most dog owners and even many Veterinarians know very little about the disease. I write various articles on the subject with the intent of helping people be more aware of this disease so if their beloved dog develops the disease, they will have a better understanding and know immediately, what actions to take.

Ya see, SARDS is a very time sensitive disease that comes on very quickly (days-weeks) and taking action during this period of time is critical in the treatment and preserving the dogs eyesight.

Please keep in mind that  most people, whose dog develops this disease, have no idea what’s happening nor do they know what to do so invariably take too long before taking action.

In the veterinary world, there are few vets who know much of anything about the disease and if they do, there are many misconceptions.

One world renowned Veterinarian, Dr Alfred Plechner DVM, not only knows and understands the disease well but he has had MANY successes in preserving or restoring a dogs eyesight. I routinely send people to this Great Doctor or to his web site to gather information, if and when needed.

He recently posted a new article on his site entitled “Internet Misconceptions About SARDS” which can be found at: . Great information that I recommend you read.

Dr Plechner provides numerous articles and information on his website, , that go a long way in helping people to understand many catastrophic diseases, including SARDS. Dr Plechner is a very caring doctor and you can find contact information on his site if you need to contact him regarding your specific situation.

On his site, the article entitled “SARDS – A Pet Health Perspective” is one I wrote about my personal experience with SARDS. I hope you find this of value. Sometimes it helps knowing others have experienced the same traumatic situations.

I hope this helps.

Yours in Health, Michael Goldman

The article was originally posted and shared by Michael Goldman, an entrepreneur, teacher, writer/author, and animal care provider, who along with his wife Terry are best known as the founders of the Healthy Pet Network. As respected authorities and consultants regarding Animal Health & Longevity, they help people with their pet’s health & well being. Their “passion” is the continued development of the Healthy Pet Network Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. The Rescue and Sanctuary provides a home, food, medical attention and love for homeless or injured animals.  For more information, or to reach Michael, please visit the main site @ or through their informational blog @