Understanding Dog Allergies



Dogs with Itching Condition, Skin Disease, Infections, or other “Allergy” Symptoms

An observant veterinary professional will recognize (in your pet) the “immune system response” (inflammation) that causes all that itching, redness, or inflamed ears. What cannot be seen is the constant stream of TOXINS coming through the skin that causes the immune system to respond with the inflammation (similar to a mosquito bite). The natural result is the “assumption” of an allergic reaction – and then expensive allergy testing to try to prove the theory. However, the flow of Toxins and dying Candida cells exiting the skin is keeping the immune system in a compromised and sort of “hyper active” mode pretty much constantly; this leads to false-positives in allergy testing.

Unfortunately, continuing with common methodologies, which make use of Antibiotics, Steroids, or Antihistamines, will likely result in worsening of symptoms each time the Med’s wear off, since these med’s are only acting to SUPPRESS the immune system. Also, the recommended foods will be the exact WRONG foods, laden with STARCHY contents like corn, potatoes, white rice, wheat products, etc. Such foods help expand the disorder and worsen symptoms. We can help you end the suffering. Again, this is a Digestive disorder you’re dealing with – that MUST be resolved internally – and the immune system must function WELL in order for resolution to be attainable by the pet. But, Steroids and Antihistamines (or Atopica) will NOT allow the immune system to do it’s job; therefore, your pet can NEVER get well on those programs.

Unfortunately, those “treatments” are simply meant to deal with the surface symptoms – by suppressing immune function; and, the Antibiotics and Steroids are actually making the REAL underlying problem worse, day by day. Also, the “allergies” diagnosis is the standard off-the-shelf assessment that they try to validate with “allergy testing”. If you are considering spending hundreds on such testing, please save your $$. Be assured that the results will surely show all kinds of sensitivities!! This is because the actual “digestive condition”, causing all those skin and ear symptoms, is keeping the immune system compromised and in a hypersensitive mode.

If you are like most pet owners, you have likely only trusted the doctors. Although Veterinarians are trained and educated professionals, they many times rush to the “Allergies” diagnoses. How long will you continue to buy into the “allergies” theory? Time to move on to something that works. Keep in mind that there is NO silver bullet for solving these problems! However, there are all natural pet supplements available that provide much needed (and lacking) nutrition, and these supplements actually aid the body in its own natural ability to heal itself.


It is easy to understand that this issue – dog skin allergies or NOT – is about THE most confusing question you will ever have to deal with for you precious dog. And, understandably people want to trust their doctors, even knowing they cannot always be right! So, we’re offering here some more information for you to examine and think about – to hopefully clear some of the fog. If you feel like you’re alone in this struggle, please know that – in any given month – there are likely over a MILLION people looking for answers just like you are. How do I know this? A place to start is to examine Google search statistics for a typical month. You will see over 1/2 million searches being done on terms related to these kinds of problems. And we’re just talking about GOOGLE. There are hundreds of other search sites, including big ones like Yahoo or Bing. All in all, this means there are one HECK of a lot of sick dogs out there; and for anyone to even THINK that all these dogs are prone to ‘allergies’ is absolutely preposterous! What they ARE prone to is damage – to the GI-Tract, from things like Antibiotics, Vaccinations, poor quality foods, chlorine in tap water, etc. This is how the intestinal disorder gets started, which will then result in all those external symptoms. Consider this question: how many people do you know that have skin and ear infection issues due to allergies? We are betting – NONE.


The following are some of the most common “allergy” symptoms: dogs with itching, scratching, skin problems, skin disorder, ear infections, chronic licking of feet/paws, licking of anal glands, sores, skin rash, oozing bumps/pustules/pimples/acne, itchy ears, shaking head, crusty skin, eye infections, chewing at lower legs or feet, shaking head, itchy ears, hair loss, hives, rubbing or scratching of face, skin blackening or discoloration, etc.

By Tim Delaney SmilingDog

This article is posted through the Courtesy of The Smiling Dog Bakery Blog