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Free Puppy Training Master Class Video


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Doggy Dan on Raising the Perfect Puppy
Raising the Perfect Puppy and Beyond
Puppy Training Master Class Video

Doggy Dan is a great positive based online dog trainer and in this replay of his November 26th webinar on “Raising the Perfect Puppy and Beyond” will give you the perfect opportunity to see his training methods in action.

This video is absolutely Free Puppy Coaching Session for you to watch at your convenience. We will review the top 3 issues pet parents have with new puppies and training.

1. Mouthing and Biting: Doggy Dan will explain why puppies do this and how you can simply prevent it from happening in the first place. Dan will also explain what to do if this is a serious problem you are dealing with right now.

2. Training Puppies and Raising Children: Doggy Dan will explain why a perfectly behaved puppy seems to turn into a complete nightmare at 10 months of age – but he will explain how this is easily prevented!

3. How to get your Puppy or Dog to Walk Properly on a Leash: Doggy Dan will explain the number one reason how trouble with proper leash walking starts and give you the solution you need to enjoy a pleasant stroll with your puppy or dog.

I know this video with help so many pet parents out there and I would love to hear your comments on the video.

So go get a cup of coffee, sit down and, relax. If you have the opportunity, plug your computer into the Big Screen TV, and enjoy this video with the family. You’ll be glad you did!

If you would like to have Doggy Dan’s training available to you 24/7 – 365 days a year Click Here.

I have reviewed this website and you will have over 250 training videos available, pdf’s that you can download, and audio files for you to listen to “on the go”.

I am not the only one that enjoyed his website just listen to what these people had to say about his training methods!

Here are just a couple of testimonials from people who have used Doggy Dan training methods:

Barbara Kelly : ” I am completing my 3rd day w/Doggy Dan and I am so delighted w/the progress. I will be staying with this program as long as it takes. Dan’s videos and follow-up comments are absolutely the tools I have been searching for. My precious dog, Pater had become so aggressive I was living in constant fear of him hurting someone. I have literally been locked in my house and tiny little yard for weeks, but continued trying to walk him one block while being dragged everywhere and battling to hold him around other dogs and people while on a leash. He is a very large and strong dog and it was very difficult. Where I live in the country of Panama it is almost impossible to find a home for an aggressive dog and no trainers that I can find. I had been looking at hundreds of videos and purchased an online program, but found it to be of little use. The more I searched the more confusing it became. I begin to think that there may be no option but to have my Pater put to sleep. I was in despair, decided to search one more time for online help, and ran across Doggy Dan. It is so wonderful to see the improvements in just this three-day period. Dan, you have the gift. Thank you so much for making it into such a clear and concise teaching method.”

If you enjoyed this video you will love his online training system – I have yet to find a better online training system yet. The great thing about online training is it is on YOUR TIME. Everyone is so busy these days, having the convenience of being able to get access to training when it fits into your schedule is priceless. CLICK HERE to get more information.

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