What do you need for a ferret?


This post was provided to Pet Guardian Angels of America by Anja at the Friendly Ferret

A Ferret is still not an ordinary pet and taking care of him is not a challenge, but it should be well organized. Getting a ferret is costly because you aren’t getting only an animal, you have to get your new fuzzy a cage, toys, good veterinarian and many other things. So, before you go and get your little bundle of joy, the thing about what do you need for a ferret and what is your budget.


First and the most expensive thing you need for your ferret is a place to live – the cage. But, you have to keep in mind that ferrets are energetic pets so little hamster cage is not enough. The minimal ferret cage size should be 27 L x 23 W x 19 H. The bigger cage the better and today there are special ferret cages on the market with platforms so ferrets can jump from one platform to the other. No matter how big cage you have to let them out every day or a couple of hours, so they can run and go wild.


The cage should be filled absolutely everything. For example, you will need a kitchen – food and water bowls, bathroom – litter box for pooping and bedroom – many hammocks and bedding. The best choice for bowls are the ones you can fix to the side of the cage. Ferrets love to swim in the water bowl so they will try to trip it every day. The litter box is the same, use the one you can hook on the cage because ferrets will move it around the cage and you don’t want that. If you have a cage with platforms, separate feeding, sleeping and pooping time. My advice is to get the highest level in the eating, the middle one for sleeping and the bottom of the cage for pooping.


Like I have already mentioned, ferrets are energetic little furballs and they love to play. One toy every ferret should have is a tunnel, they love to go through tunnels. That is awesome because you can get it in a pet store or you can get a tube in home improvement stores, just make sure it is safe and big enough for ferrets. Another toy they love is the toy on a string. That is an awesome toy because it needs you to play with your ferret and that is how you create e bond between you two. Other toys you can get balls, stuffed animals, plastic cups…. Ferrets aren’t that picky but you have to avoid sponges, rubber or anything your ferret can swallow which can cause serious health problem – the blockage.


Ferrets are clean animals and you don’t have to give them bath often, actually, it is not recommended. Do that every 2-3 months and use baby shampoo or ferret shampoo. But, there is the thing you have to do often and that is nail trimming and ear cleaning. That should be done at least 2 times a month, with nail clipping even more often, every 10 days.


Visit your local ferret shelter or someone who already has a ferret and ask for an advice which veterinarian is good. Unfortunately, some veterinarians don’t know much about ferrets and they can cause more harm than good and with ferrets, a good vet care is extremely important. If you are at the shelter already, look for their ferrets and you may fall in love in one fuzzy and save a life. If you can, adopt don’t shop.


Anja is a blogger and ferret lover with website Friendly Ferret. Her goal is to educate people who want to learn more about ferrets as pets with useful tips and tricks. She writes about her two ferrets, Frida and Yoda, on her blog.