What Dog Breed Is Nicknamed The American Gentleman?



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TheDogTrainingLady September 3, 2015 10 Comments on What Dog Breed Is Nicknamed The American Gentleman?

The American Gentleman

The Boston Terrier

Well is it any surprise that I would be doing a blog post on this dog breed. If, when I get another dog, I am considering a Boston terrier.

I think I was so captivated by my brother’s dog Logan, and how sweet he is, that this dog breed has captured my heart. I can see how they got their nickname.

They love their families and are good around children.

Don’t expect to just let this dog out in the yard though; they will be waiting for you by the door. They truly enjoy the companionship of their pet parent, no matter what they are doing, this includes sleeping.

A good daily walk or a romp in the back yard with their pet parent will help keep this pooch exercised. Boston Terriers are intelligent dogs so mental exercise is important as well.

A good mental exercise toy is one like Logan has. He has a weeble-woble toy that he pushes with his nose or foot, and a piece of kibble falls out. He has lots of fun with this toy. My brother makes sure that he gets his playtime with his toy, and takes into consideration meal times and kibble for the day.

A weekly trip to the doggie park to get exercise, and socialization should also be included in your family excursions.

Logan also gets his weekly trip to the flea market during the summer months.

Boston’s are susceptible to both extreme heat and humidity, and extreme cold. Be sure they have access to plenty of water on hot days and do not expose them in too much sun. Cold winter days will require a coat or sweater.

They have a tendency to snore because of their short muzzle. This also causes stinky farts because they suck in a lot of air while eating.

Boston’s are intelligent dogs and are extremely trainable. The pet parent of a Boston terrier must be diligent when training. You need to have some dog training experience. If you don’t, I highly recommend a training class to get you started on the right paw.

You need to understand the pack leadership role, otherwise, they will become the pack leader. Firm but gentle training is a requirement for a Boston terrier.

The best characteristics I noticed is they are comical, from their facial expressions to their love of play. They will definitely keep you entertained, and steal your heart.

I have heard many people say that these dogs only bark when necessary, making them a good dog for apartment dwellers.

While doing more research on the Boston, I found that they get along with other non-dog pets. This really surprised me, as most terriers are known cat chasers.

I have cats and the last thing I would want is a dog that has a tendency to chase them around.

Terriers are known for chasing small animals; after all, terriers were originally bred for hunting small animals.

Logan could really go for a rabbit or squirrel chase if allowed, but he was not brought up around cats or other small animals.

I know this dog breed wouldn’t be out of the question for me, as it seems that they do not have this tendency. Provided I brought home a puppy, and he learned to live with the cats, all would be fine. I’m not sure how the cats would feel, but that’s a different blog post.

Most other terrier breeds I would not consider, but due to the Boston’s gentle disposition, I would be willing to try it.

When considering bringing any dog breed into your home, it is important to do your research.

Here’s a short video on the Boston Terrier, from Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 so you can see why this American Gentleman will steal your heart.

Here are the basics on the Boston terrier

According to the AKC.org

  • The AKC recognized the Boston terrier in 1893
  • They are part of the non-sporting group
  • They are happiest spending time with their owners
  • Average size of both male and female is 15-17 inches tall, and 10-25 pounds.
  • The Boston terrier is a Native American Breed (Boston Strong)
  • Short Tailed
  • Famous for its “tuxedo” coat
  • Large wide-set eyes
  • Short Muzzle

They come in 5 standard colors

  • Black & White
  • Black Brindle & White
  • Brindle & White
  • Seal & White
  • Seal Brindle & White

Some medical issues to watch for if this becomes your dog breed of choice.

According to The Boston Terrier Forums

  • Respiratory Problems – due to the shortened muzzle
  • Skin Problems – Allergic Dermatitis & Mites
  • Eyes – Cataracts & Corneal Ulcers
  • Orthopedic Issues – Patellar Luxation

You can go to the Boston Terrier Forums for details about these medical issues.

These medical issues are most common to the Boston terrier dog breed. It does not mean that your dog will necessarily acquire them.

Medical issues are an important consideration when adopting any dog breed. If these problems do arise, you want to have pet insurance coverage, or money set aside to deal with any potential medical issues.

They have a great life expectancy of 15 or more years. Keep this in mind when making a lifelong commitment to a pet.

Grooming this short-haired dog is a breeze. Comb and bathe them only when needed. The one daily requirement is to wipe their face with a damp cloth and clean their eyes carefully. The place to look for ticks would be in their ears. They will occasionally need a nail trim.

Is the American Gentleman right for you?

If you are looking for a dog breed that:

  • Can live in an apartment
  • Get along with kids
  • Be a companion to other non-dog pets
  • Easy to groom
  • Active, playful and comical

A big thank you to my brother for getting these pictures to me in time for this post.

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ABC Certified Dog Trainer

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