What Pet Is Best For Your Family?


This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Mikkie Mills.


Photo by Pixabay


Whether you have young kids who are begging you for a puppy or a kitten, or whether you’re a new couple looking to adopt a pet, there are certain pets that are more suited for your lifestyle. If you’re extremely busy, then you wouldn’t want to get a hyperactive dog who needs a ton of attention. In that case, you might be more suited for a cat or even a fish. Your lifestyle determines the type of pet that you should consider getting.

The Perfect Pet for the Over-Active Couple

The overactive couple is the couple who goes out every week for a long hike. They go out running in the morning and love to be outdoors and physically active. They are no stranger to road trips either. For this couple, the best pet would be a dog. Specifically a labrador retriever or a border collie. Both breeds are active and love to go for runs and be around people. They need to feel loved and need special attention throughout the week. If you’re looking for a dog, who will go on runs with you, try to look for medium to large dogs. Small dogs might not be the best fit for your lifestyle. Getting the right dog is like picking between a battery or roof solar panels for your car. One will work and the other just won’t. You also need to remember that your dog will become a member of the family and will love doing the things that you love to do.

The Perfect Pet For a Family With Toddlers

If you have a new family with young kids, you might want to start with “starter pets” before you commit to a lifelong pet. You want to make sure that your kids are serious about taking care of their pets and that they won’t neglect them. To do that, start out with a simple pet that’s easy to care for. A common pet for this is a fish. Fish are easy to care for and far less of a commitment than an animal like a cat or a dog. Another pet that is a good pet to see how responsible your kids are is a lizard or a snake. These take little effort (though a little more effort than fish). You don’t have to exercise or play with them, so you don’t have to worry about your children losing interest. Start off with a pet that you only have to feed and clean up the cage to make sure that your children are ready for the responsibility of a needier animal.

The Perfect Pet for the Sedentary Family

If you find yourself staying inside more than you’re going outside and you’re not really a fan of being outdoors or going on walks, then your animal choice will be much different. You wouldn’t want a dog that needs to be played with and walked. Your best choice would be a cat instead. Cats are relatively low-maintenance compared to dogs and are easy to keep happy. They are the perfect partner if you just want to sit on the couch and watch Netflix. As long as you’re willing to pet them and brush out their fur every once in a while, they pretty much take care of and entertain themselves. Cats might not be the best choice if you have small children since they can be temperamental and might scratch and children if the child grabs at them too harshly.

The Perfect Pet for a Family with a New Baby

As a new family, you have a few options. The best choice would be to wait until the child is older to get a pet. Pets (especially dogs) require more attention than you’d be able to give them if you’re balancing your time with a newborn child. Cats would be better since they’re less maintenance but they also have a tendency to scratch or bite. For that reason, you might not want to get a cat or a dog right after having a child. If you’re set on getting a pet, you would want to sit to a pet that is low maintenance and easy to care for. Pets like bunnies, fish, and lizards would be your best option.

Pets become a part of your lives. If you think that you’re ready for a pet, then make sure that you choose one that fits best with your lifestyle.

Mikkie Mills, is a freelance writer who often writes about family, home improvements and the occasional DIY project.