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Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH, & Herbology

and Barbara J. Andrews, Managing Editor


Is it true? Are vaccines failing as has been reported in both human and veterinary medicine?

Can an immunization shot weaken our immune system instead of stimulating it? Can a vaccine that once saved millions of lives mutate into a killer? Yes, yes, and yes.

There are no newspaper headlines or “breaking news” alerts on television (the biggest advertiser is pharmaceuticals) but an increasing number of parents are beginning to question the childhood vaccination program. Mid-lifers are too busy trying to get ahead to worry about immunization shots but Seniors have more time to talk to each other, especially about health and most of them are beginning to worry about the push to “stab and jab” them.

The good news is that caring veterinarians are beginning to question to wisdom of pumping puppies and kittens full of vaccines. Thank you internet! Like many forward-thinking, secure-in-their-practice doctors, veterinarians are weighing immunization income against ethical concerns.

One of the most respected vaccine authorities is Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH, and Doctor Of Veterinary Naturopathic Medicine. She has lectured and written on the problem of over-vaccination for more than 20 years. Just this month she agreed to share portions of her communications with other nationally known, forward-thinking veterinarians.

Dr. Jordan says “A big part of the problem) is the adjuvants they add to vaccines. They can make the hyper-stimulatory state conducive to disease and not health. When you remove the healthy TH 1 cell mediated bias, the animals then don’t have the capability to deal with bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus and parasites. This is what happens when you vaccinate, you replace the healthy body immune system of Th 1 bias with an unhealthy chronically inflamed and prone to auto-immune disease and cancer Th 2 bias. This is also called hyperpolarization to Th 2 from Th 1.

“I could rattle off several of the vaccines being used in veterinary medicine that now are responsible for even more lethal strains of bacteria or viruses. In my book Mark Of The Beast I covered this. Many experts, including a prominent veterinarian have brought forth this information. For example: Indonesia has the worst Bird Flu strains BECAUSE they vaccinate with Bird Flu! I also found that the flocks using the Marek’s disease vaccine in chickens now have the most lethal strains of Marek’s on their farms.

“There are plenty of other examples but not just in veterinary medicine. Dr. Tetayana Obuchanyck who is a Harvard trained immunologist, also Standford trained and a Rockefeller scientist gave a brilliant answer to the new California vaccine mandate bill. She showed how those vaccines will not only NOT make public places any safer but then showed how all the microbes, bacteria and viruses are now more lethal because we are using the vaccines.” The “true” historical performance of vaccines needs to be understood.

“If Laura Khan Co-Founder of the One Health, thinks bringing out vaccines like the one Kansas is working on for E. coli is going to help decrease the problem our whole planet now has with antimicrobial resistance. She is showing her lack of understanding of the true historical performance on vaccinations. I would rather she become educated in the true situation and not promote vaccinations as she doesn’t understand what she is talking about….and most of our doctors veterinarians and human medical professions, neither do they understand. So, yes, we need to get that info out ASAP. Vaccinations, are not the answer for antibiotic resistance nor infectious disease, the price to be reckoned with is the more lethal strains of bacteria and viruses the vaccines are responsible for and the vaccine disease all the vaccinates will receive from those jabs.”

Medical professionals have reason to be concerned about potential breakdown in human and animal immune systems. Weak immune systems are good for business but genuine honesty and concern for patients/customers can also be profitable. Two important segments of our society, young families and senior citizens, have raised genuine concerns about over-vaccination.

Responsible breeders are equally worried about the push to repeatedly vaccinate even though many vaccines confer life-long immunity. Think about it, how many diphtheria or polio shots have you had? Not one as an adult, right?

Health care professionals note that sales for organically raised meat and poultry have zoomed. Sooner or later, knowledge and truth will affect their practices. Parents and grandparents, pet owners and livestock producers – all of these groups have reason to be concerned. So what is it about vaccines that makes them dangerous instead of the primary protection against contagious disease?

Dr Jordan says the newly released textbook Vaccines and Autoimmunity (Professors Shoenfeld, Agmon-Levin, and Tomljenovic), “explores the role of adjuvants – specifically aluminum in different vaccines – and how they can induce diverse autoimmune clinical manifestations…”

We learn that vaccine effects “can take 2-10 months, even years to appear” and that “Guillian Barre and other demyelinating autoimmune neuropathies like MS (Multiple Sclerosis, Acute disseminated encephalitis could take months following vaccination to occur and therefore be mistakenly not linked to the vaccine;”

The CDC says “The link between GBS and flu vaccination in other years is unclear” but we should consider the National Institute Of Health (NIH) review of Hepatitis B Vaccine and Demyelinating Neurological Disorders, “the hepatitis B vaccine increases the risk for demyelinating disorders of the central or peripheral nervous systems, including multiple sclerosis (MS) and Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS).”

“The vaccines; even for small pox and polio are not what helped lower infectious disease, even these diseases.”

“I have this information from John Hopkins! 200 years of vital statistics also show the truth – vaccines are NOT what saved us from infectious disease, it is the implementation of public hygiene, clean water, clean food, TOILETS, a waste treatment system…this is what lowered disease NOT vaccines. SO please don’t ever put my name to that everstanding deception of vaccines helped us beat any disease, small pox, polio etc. As a matter of fact some of the very best youtube videos are available with Dr. Suzanne Humphries, an MD, a Board Certified Nephrologist who discusses the truth behind the vaccine farce. She takes on polio, small pox etc before going into the many toxic substances in the vaccinations like aluminum. You should look them up when you have the time. Also, this fall in October, I will be joining Dr. Susan Humphries in a Vaccine Conference that is being sponsored by Dogs Naturally, the end of October, 2016. Also Catherine O’Driscoll along with Dr. Richard Pitcairn and my colleague Dr. Dee Blanco will all be on the panel along with Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD – because this really is a global problem and not only for pets but from the people as well.”

But that was then and this is now. Today seems to be more about the money and less about human and animal health. TheDogPlace.org thanks Science and Advisory Board member Dr. Jordan, and other leaders in the veterinary community who are speaking out, warning parents and pet owner against over-vaccination.

For more coverage, check out this book review of “Vaccines & Autoimmunity” by NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, this book contains 77 contributors from 15 different countries and be sure to see Shots Schedule and Core Vaccines Information by Dr. Vargus.

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