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Updated on October 13, 2018

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DOGS AND CATS Having Fun With Your Pets this Autumn  (10-13-18)

CATS–   Why We Shouldn’t Be Hugging Cats  (10-11-18)

DOGS–  Companies Allowing Dogs in the Workplace  (10-10-18)

DOGS–  Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Chewing Furniture  (10-09-18)

DOGS–  3 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Fenced Yard With a Lush, Green Lawn  (10-06-18)

FDA RECALLS— PetActive Plump-Up Pet oral spray and Allergy Itch Ease oral spray (10-04-18)

GOATS–  Want a Backyard Goat? 10 Things to Consider  (10-04-18)

PETS–   5 Helpful Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners  (10-03-18)

HERO AWARDS–2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards Winner is Chi Chi (10-03-18)

DOGS–  Exercise and Bond With Your Dog  (10-02-18)

DOGS AND CATS    Vacation With Your Pet   (10-01-18)

CATS–   6 Labels for Your Homemade Cat Litter  (09-29-18)

CATS–  The Latest Trends in Cat Ownership  (09-28-18)

PET BLOGGING– Want To Be A Blogger?  (09-26-18)

DOGS AND PEOPLE– Exercises For You and Your Dog (09-25-18)

DOGS–   Should You Enroll Your Pet in a Clinical Trial?  (09-23-18)

DOGS– Using Your Intuition to Talk To Animals  (09-21-18)

CATS–   What Should You Do If A Cat Bites You?  (09-20-18)

FDA WARNING—FDA Alerts Pet Owners and Veterinarians About Potential for Neurologic Adverse Events Associated with Certain Flea and Tick Products (09-20-18)


PETS– The Benefits of Adopting a Pet While in Recovery (09-17-18)

BIRDS–  Busrted – 5 Bird-Feeding Myths Put To Rest  (09-16-18)

DOGS–   Tips for Managing Your Dog From Puppy to Adult  (09-15-18)

DOGS AND CATS   Pet Proofing A New Home  (09-14-18)

DOG FOOD RECALL— Performance Dog Pet Food Recall (09-13-18)

DOGS–  Tips for the Grooming Business  (09-12-18)

DOGS–  Urinary / fecal incontinence  (09-09-18)

DOG FOOD RECALL— Steve’s Real Food Voluntarily Recalls Raw Frozen Dog Food Turkey Canine Recipe Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination (09-09-18)

DOGS–  A Dog Grooming Routine  (09-08-18)

DOGS– Safety At Dog Parks  (09-06-18)

DOGS AND CATS New Gadgets For Pet Care  (09-02-18)

CHINCHILLA or GUINEA PIG–  Have You Ever Seen Your Pet Chinchilla or Guinea Pig Popcorning?  (08-31-18)

DOGS– Clicker Training For Dogs  (08-29-18)

PETS AND PEOPLE– FDA alerts consumers, pet owners not to use products manufactured by King Bio, including Dr. King’s label, homeopathic drug and pet products (08-28-18)

CATS–  Loving Care for Your Senior Cat  (08-26-18)

DOGS–   Doggie Cakes  (08-25-18)

DOGS AND CATS How to Give Your Pet a Massage  (08-23-18)

DOGS–   Need for Intentional Puppy Training  (08-22-18)

CAT FOOD RECALL—Radagast Pet Food Voluntarily Expands Recall to Include Rad Cat Raw Diet Products (08-22-18)

CATS—   Are You Annoying Your Cat? Here’s How to Tell  (08-21-18)

CATS— How To Train A Cat To Be Safe  Outside  (08-18-18)

DOGS–   Picking the Right Name for Your Pup  (08-15-18)

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