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This Page was Updated: April 8, 2020

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PETS—PetMed: COVID-19 and Pets: Should I Go to the Vet or Wait? What’s the Protocol? (04-08-20)

PETS —OfficiallyPets: What Are The Best Pets For Depression & Anxiety? – Pets & Mental Health (04-07-20)

DOGS AND CATS —23 Ways To Save Money On Pets: Affordable Pet Care (04-06-20)

DOGS —Your Dog and CBD Oil (04-05-20)

DOGS —Tips for A Health Dog (04-02-20)

CATS—PetMed:Cats Knocking Things Off Tables and Other Cat Behaviors Explained (03-31-20)

DOGS —Steps To A Health Dog (03-30-20)

DOGS—Stopping Dogs From Eating What They Shouldn’t (03-28-20)

DOGS AND CATS —Traveling With Pets (03-26-20)

DOGS—PetMed: Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much? (03-26-20)

FERRETS—OfficiallyPets: How to Entertain a Ferret – The Best Ferret Toys to Keep Them Occupied! (03-25-20)

DOG AND CAT TREATS—Icelandic Plus Dog and Cat Treats Recall (03-24-20)

DOG TRAINING—WholeDogJournal:  Games for Building Reliable Recall Behavior for Your Dog (03-22-20)


DOG TRAVEL—Guide to Plane Travel With Your Pup (03-20-20)

DOGS —Family Guard Dog (03-19-20)

DOG TRAINING—How to Train Your Dog at Home and Save Money (03-17-20)

DOGS AND CATS—PetMed: 8 Pet Care Tasks That Are Usually Overlooked (03-17-20)

DOGS—AnimalWellnessMagazine: Canine cognitive dysfunction and vitamin D (03-16-20)

AGGRESSIVE DOGS—WholeDogJournal:   The Aggressive Dog (03-15-20)

CORONA—TheDogPlace:Your Dog, Your Health and the 2020 Virus (03-14-20)

FERRETS—Friendly Ferret: What can ferret eat? (03-13-20)

CATS—Cat in Heat: Signs, Symptoms, & Care (03-11-20)

VETS—4 Things Pet Parents Do at Vet Appointments That Drive the Staff Nuts (03-10-20)

DOGS —Getting A New Puppy? (03-07-20)

DOGS AND CATS—Pets and Clean Carpets (03-06-20)

DOGS—Nominations for the 10th annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards® close next Tuesday, March 10 (03-04-20)

DOGS AND CATS—Improve Your Pet’s Health (03-04-20)

DOGS—Puppy Vaccines: Why Your Puppy Needs So Many Shots (03-03-20)

DOGS—“FDA”:FDA Approves Simparica Trio, a Combination Drug for Heartworm and Other Parasites (03-02-20)

DOGS—“Pet News and Views”:Should You Feed Your Dog High-Protein Food (03-01-20)

DOGS—Getting A New Dog? (02-28-20)

DOGS—Swimming Dogs (02-27-20)

DOGS—“VetStreet”:Don’t Make These 5 New Dog Owner Mistakes (02-26-20)

DOGS—“Petmd”:Dog Penis Health Guide: Everything You Need to Know (02-25-20)

DOGS—“Pet News and Views”:Essentials You Need For an Outdoor Adventure with Your Dog (02-24-20)

DOGS—Preparing for the First Spring Walk (02-23-20)


DOGS AND CATS—Pet First Aid Kit (02-22-20)

DOGS—CBD Oil and Your Dog (02-21-20)

DOGS—6 Signs Your Dog is Having an Allergic Reaction (02-20-20)

PETS—Apartment Hunting? Make A Pet Resume For Your Furry Friend (02-19-20)

DOGS AND CATS—Divorce and Pets (02-19-20)

DOGS AND CATS—What Pet Parents Need to Know About the New Coronavirus (02-18-20)

DOGS—Bed for Your Wiener Dog (02-17-20)

DOG FOOD WARNING—One Lot of Aunt Jeni’s Dog Food Tests Positive for Salmonella (02-16-20)

CATS—Can Cats See Spirits, Ghosts and Angels? (02-15-20)

DOGS—Benefits of Dog Walking for Dogs and Humans. (02-14-20)

DOGS—Heartworm Disease in Dogs (02-12-20)

DOGS— New Puppy-Clean House? (02-11-20)

DOGS—Throw A Dog’s Birthday Bash (02-11-20)

DOGS AND CATS— Cleaning Up After Your Pet (02-09-20)

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