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  This article is posted as part of PGAA's curation efforts. This was originally posted at PetMd   Hazards to Avoid While Baking Homemade Dog Treats   By Paula Fitzsimmons Buying manufactured dog treats is a hit-or-miss proposition. ...

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Updated on July 15, 2018

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DOGS— Hazards to Avoid While Baking Homemade Dog Treats  (07-15-18)

DOGS AND CATS Infographic on Fleas and Flea Control  (07-13-18)

DOGS—  FDA Investigating Potential Connection Between Diet and Cases of Canine Heart Disease  (07-12-18)

DOGS— Dogs Need A Vacation Too  (07-11-18)

CAT FOOD RECALL—Radagast Pet Food, Inc. Voluntarily Recall (07-09-18)

BIRDS—  Beyond Squirrels: Chipmunks and 4 Other Bird Feeder Bandits  (07-08-18)

CATS—  How To Get Rid of a Cat Urine Smell?  (07-06-18)

PESTS— Critter In Your Yard?  Find out what it is and what to do about it at CritterControl (07-06-18)

DOGS—  TICKS, DOGS, AND US  (07-04-18)

PETS— Choosing the Perfect Pet for You  (07-03-18)

4th OF JULY—Fireworks and Pets: What You Should Know (07-02-18)

CATS— Litter Box Misses – When Your Cat Goes Right Next to the Box  (07-01-18)

DOGS AND CATS It’s Bufo Toad Season: Take Care With Your Dogs  (06-30-18)

4th OF JULY—Fireworks and Pets: What You Should Know (07-02-18)


PETS—  How A Pet Can Benefit Its Human Companion  (06-28-18)

DOGS— Dog Obedience Training – An Early Start Proves To Be More Effective  (06-27-18)

PET TRAVEL  21 Tips for a Purrfect Road Trip with Your Pet (06-26-18)

DOGS AND CATS   Is it too late to clean this carpet and remove the odors?  (06-25-18)

TICKS— Ehrlichiosis: What You Should Know About This Tick-Borne Disease (06-24-18)

CATS— Train Your Cat How To Use the Litter Box (06-23-18)

DOGS— Canine Distemper (06-22-18)

DOGS—   Stop your Dog From Destructive Chewing  (06-21-18)

DOGS— Dog Food Storage Mistakes (06-20-18)

CATS— Things to Know Before Buying a Cat (06-19-18)

DOGS— Installing an Electric Fence (06-18-18)

BEARDED DRAGON—Things Your Bearded Dragon Can’t Live Without (06-17-18)

DOGS— Dear Labby Doggie Play Dates? (06-16-18)

CATS— Cat Body Temperature (06-15-18)

FERRETS—Keeping ferrets and other pets (06-13-18)

DOG FOOD RECALL— Dave’s Dog Food Recall of June 2018 (06-13-18)

PETS— Pet Adoption and Addiction Recovery (06-12-18)

BIRDS— Official Birds of the U.s. (06-07-18)

DOGS—   7 Tips on Safely Traveling Cross-Country With Your Dog  (05-27-18)

PETS—  Know as You Go: Turning Your Passion for Pets into a Profitable Side Gig  (05-26-18)

DOGS—  Why Is Your Dog Throwing Up? Symptoms and Treatment (05-25-18)

SMALL PETS— The Complete Guide to Adopting a Small Animal   (05-24-18)

CATS— FDA Approves Semintra, the First FDA-approved Animal Drug for the Control of Systemic Hypertension in Cats (05-24-18)

DOG TREATS RECALL— Merrick Recalls Multiple Dog Treats (05-23-18)

PETS— Natural Cleaning Tips for Pet for Pet Owners (05-21-18)

BIRDS—Bird Watching Guide (05-20-18)

DOGS— The Fine Line Between Pampering and Spoiling Your Rescued Dog  (05-19-18)

DOGS— 2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards® – Top Finalists (05-18-18)


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