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  This post was provided to Pet Guardian Angels of America by Alex Merashi Photo by Pexels Why Professional Grooming is needed for Your Pet Regular grooming ensures that the pet remains healthy and good-looking. However, one should ...

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Updated on April 22, 2019

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DOGS AND CATS  Why Professional Grooming is needed for Your Pet  (04-22-19)

CATS–Cost of Owning A Cat (04-19-19)

DOGS–Cost of Owning A Dog (04-19-19)

DOGS– The Do’s and Don’t’s of Starting a Kennel at Your House  (04-18-19)

DOGS– Should Students Have Pets in College? Pros, Cons, Tips and More  (04-16-19)

DOGS–  Home Alone: Keeping Fido Safe  (04-15-19)

DOGS AND CATS What Your Pet’s Sleeping Position Says About Them(04-12-19)

DOGS–  Cautions While Feeding Your Dog  (04-12-19)

DOGS AND CATS Beloved Pet Struggles with Illness  (04-11-19)

CATS– How to Keep Your Cat Comfy All Year Long  (04-09-19)

DOGS– When Is It Okay to Give Your Pet CBD?  (04-08-19)

CAT FOOD RECALLS— Nestle Purina PetCare Company Voluntarily Recalls a Limited Amount of Muse Wet Cat Food Natural Chicken Recipe in Gravy in Three-ounce Cans due to the Potential Presence of Rubber Pieces (04-08-19)

PET FOOD RECALLS— Thogersen Family Farm Pet Food Recall (04-08-19)

DOGS– Your Pet’s Diet  (04-07-19)

DOGS– Tricks and Treats  (04-02-19)

DOGS– FDA Approves PROIN ER Tablets for Controlling Urinary Incontinence in Dogs (04-02-19)

DOGS– Dogs Can Have Mental Illness Too (03-31-19)

DOGS–Benefits of Pets and Sleeping With Your Dog (03-31-19)

PET FOOD RECALLS— FDA Warning: Do Not Feed These Lots of Darwin’s Natural Dog Food (03-26-19)

DOGS–  7 Things To Know Before Getting A Puppy  (03-25-19)

DOGS– 2019 American Humane Hero Dog Awards has officially opened! (3-22-19)

DOGS– Ways to Save Money as a Dog Owner  (03-22-19)

PET FOOD RECALLS— Voluntary Canned Dog Food Recall: United States (03-21-19)

DOGS— Road Safety for Dogs (03-19-19)

DOGS AND CATS  Two’s Company; Three’s a???  (03-17-19)

DOGS AND CATS Four Legged Stress Relief  (03-16-19)

DOGS AND CATS How Pets Help Veterans Cope With PTSD  (03-15-19)

DOGS—  Happy Tail Syndrome  (03-14-19)

GUINEA PIGS— Guinea Pig Tips (03-11-19)

CATS— What Does the Stare Mean?  (03-11-19)

DOGS—  Training Pupies Under 6 months  (03-10-19)

DOGS AND CATS The Intricacies of a DOGS—Pet-friendly Backyard) (03-10-19)

DOGS AND CATS—  Pets Helping the Homeless  (03-08-19)

DOGS AND CATS–  Pet Safety: A Pet Owner’s Priority  (02-27-19)

DOGS– Hero dog awards Nominees due 2/28/19 (2-26-19)

DOGS–  Update on July 12, 2018 FDA report on Canine Diet and Heart Disease  (02-26-19)

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