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Updated on October 19, 2019

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ANIMALS—How Some Animals Sleep (10-19-19)

DOGS AND CATS Designing a Pet-Friendly Room (10-18-19)

DOGS- 5 Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog  (10-17-19)

PETS What to Do When a Family Pet Dies: Teaching Kids About Grief (10-16-19)

DOGS- Adopting a Dog? Remember These 5 Tips for New Dog Owners  (10-15-19)

PETS Veterinary Medication Errors (10-15-19)

DOGS AND CATS How to Remove Blood, Urine and Other Common Pet Stains  (10-14-19)

DOGS- How to Have a Happy and Healthy Puppy  (10-12-19)

DOGS- 8 Week Old Puppy Schedule – Feeding, Sleeping, and Going Potty (10-11-19)

DOGS- 2019 American Humane Hero Dog Awards (10-10-19)

PETS– 7 Ways to Budget For a Pet’s Unexpected Medical Needs  (10-09-19)

DOGS-   Training Protective Dogs  (10-08-19)

DOGS AND CATS 3 Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy While You’re Away (10-05-19)

DOGS- Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs: The Ultimate Guide (10-01-19)

DOGS- Tips for Making a Shelter for Your Dog  (10-01-19)

DOGS- Microchipping (09-30-19)

DOGS AND CATS 5 Common Health Issues that Cat and Dog Owners Need to Look Out For  (09-28-19)

DOGS-   How Do I Know If They Are Able To Swim?  (09-27-19)

DOGS- Activities to Enjoy With Your Dogs (09-25-19)

DOGS- FDA Cautions Pet Owners Not to Feed Performance Dog Raw Pet Food Due to Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes (09-26-19)

DOGS- What is the best dog for you? (09-25-19)

DOGS- What Are the Benefits of Yoga and Stretching for You and Your Dog?  (09-25-19)

PIG EARS- TDBBS Voluntarily Recalls Pig Ear Pet Treats No Illnesses Reported; Strictly Precautionary (09-24-19)

PETS- Policy Lab Pet Clinical Trials (09-20-19)

DOGS-  Fun Activities With Support Dogs  (09-19-19)

DOGS AND CATS Keep Your Pet Happy, Healthy and Safe With a Clean Environment  (09-14-19)

PETS- Pets and Families: Preparing for Change  (09-13-19)

CATS– How to Take Care of a Kitten: The Complete Guide  (09-10-19)

DOGS– Outdoor Adventures to Bring Your Dog On  09-06-19)


PET TREAT RECALL– Berkley Jensen Pig Ear Dog Chews Sold at BJ’s Wholesale Club Recalled (09-05-19)

DOGS– Should I Choose A Boy Dog Or Girl Dog?  (09-03-19)

DOGS- 7 Tips for Driving With Your Dog (09-01-19)


DOGS–   5 Common Diseases and Treatments (08-31-19)

PET FOOD WARNING– FDA Cautions Pet Owners Not to Feed Certain Lots of Aunt Jeni’s Home Made Frozen Raw Pet Food Due to Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes (08-30-19)

PET TREAT INVESTIGATION– Update – FDA Investigates Contaminated Pig Ear Pet Treats Connected to Human Salmonella Infections (08-29-19)

PET TREAT RECALL– Brutus & Barnaby LLC recalls all size bags of “Pig Ears Natural Treats for Dogs” because of a possible salmonella health risk (08-28-19)

DOGS– 5 Suggestions to Boost Your Fearful Dog’s Confidence  (08-26-19)

DOGS– Tips for Training Your Dog for Search and Rescue  (08-22-19)

PET FOOD RECALL– Dog Goods USA Recalls Chef Toby Pig Ears Dog Treats (08-19-19)

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