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  This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Sasha McGregor Photo by Pexels 3 Ways To Keep Your Home From Smelling Like Your Pet As pet owners, we love our pets! We love letting ...

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Updated on August 12, 2019

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PET FOOD RECALL– Texas Tripe Recalls Pet Food Due to Salmonella and Listeria (08-15-19)

DOGS AND CATS  3 Ways To Keep Your Home From Smelling Like Your Pet  (08-12-19)

DOGS AND CATS   How To Stop Your Pet’s Accident from Becoming Permanent  (08-10-19)

NO PETS/– Ways to Help Animals in Need Even If You Can’t Have a Pet  (08-09-19)

DOGS AND CATS The Right Products for your Pets  (08-08-19)

HUMMINGBIRDS– How to Make Perfect Hummingbird Food (08-05-19)


DOGS– How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner as a Student  (08-01-19)

PIG EAR TREATS WARNING– FDA: Do Not Buy or Feed ANY Pig Ear Pet Treats (08-01-19)

PETS– The Complete Guide to Pet Ownership for Seniors (07-30-19)

DOGS– Congratulations to our finalists! Meet the seven incredible dogs who will walk the red carpet in Hollywood at the 2019 American Humane Hero Dog Awards®. (07-29-19)

PIG EAR TREATS RECALL– The Lennox Intl Inc is Voluntary Recalling Natural Pig Ears on July 26, 2019 (07-29-19)

NON-TRADITIONAL PETS Tips for Adopting Non-Traditional Rescues  (07-26-19)

DOGS AND CATS 12 Perfect Side-Hustles for Pet-Lovers (07-25-19)

HORSES–Compounded Unapproved Animal Drugs from Rapid Equine Solutions Linked to Three Horse Deaths (07-23-19)

DOGS– Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Dog Treats Expands (07-22-19)

DOGS–  Tips For Controlling Bug Invasions To Keep Your Dogs Safe  (07-20-19)

DOGS–  Can Dogs Teach Kids Responsibility?  (07-18-19)

DOGS– Dogs With Paper Fascination  (07-15-19)

DOGS AND CATS The Importance of Protecting Your Pets From Pests  (07-14-19)

DOGS– Diet & Exercising With Your Dog  (07-11-19)  Diet & Exercising With Your Dog  (07-11-19)

DOGS– How to spot signs of poisoning in dogs and how to react! (07-11-19)

DOGS– Paws Off Xylitol; It’s Dangerous for Dogs (07-09-19)

PETS– The Best Pet Insurance Companies 2019 (07-09-19)

PIG EAR TREATS RECALL– Pet Supplies Plus Recalls Pig Ears Dog Treats in 33 States (07-06-19)

FDA TREAT WARNING– FDA Investigates Contaminated Pig Ear Pet Treats Connected to Human Salmonella Infections (07-04-19)

PETS– Tips for Taking Your Pet on Vacation  (07-02-19)

DOGS-FDA Approves ProHeart 12 (moxidectin) for Prevention of Heartworm Disease in Dogs (07-02-19)

PETS-FDA ADVICE– Plan, Prepare and Protect Your Pet Before, During and After an Emergency (07-02-19)

DOGS– Keeping Dogs Happy and Healthy  (07-02-19)

DOGS– The Ultimate Puppy Feeding Guide (06-27-19)

FDA/DOGS–FDA Provides Third Status Report on Investigation into Potential Connection Between Certain Diets and Cases of Canine Heart Disease (06-27-19)

DOGS– Introducing Your Best-friend to Their New Best-friend  (06-27-19)

DOGS AND CATS Pet Dental Care Guide (06-20-19)

DOGS–Bored Dogs (06-20-19)

DOGS– What It Is Like Being a Dog Mom  (06-19-19)

CATS– Discover Your Cat’s Unique Personality  (06-16-19)

DOGS– Help Your New Dog Feel Comfortable at Home (06-15-19)

DOGS AND CATS Basic Items You’ll Need As a New Pet Owner (06-15-19)

DOGS AND CATS   Obesity, Pets, and Nutrition: What You Need to Know  (06-15-19)

DOGS–   How to Calmly Deal With an Aggressive Dog  (06-13-19)

CATS- Caring for Cats: Veterinary Care, Nutrition, and Training  (06-13-19)

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