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    This post was provided to Pet Guardian Angels of America by Noah Rue The Fine Line Between Pampering and Spoiling Your Rescued Dog By Noah Y. Rue When you adopt a rescue pup, everyone's a little ...

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Updated on April May 20, 2018

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BIRDS—Bird Watching Guide (05-20-18)

Sorry for the break in presenting new pet care articles.  I just returned from an amazing trip to the Grand Canyon.  Awesome!  I’d tell you all about it but the only way to really experience the beauty and magnificence is to be there.

DOGS— The Fine Line Between Pampering and Spoiling Your Rescued Dog  (05-19-18)

DOGS— 2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards® – Top Finalists (05-18-18)

DOGS— Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs  (05-08-18)

VETS— Missed Diagnoses: What to Do When You Think Your Vet Is Missing Something  (05-04-18)

DOGS—  Dog bladder infections  (05-03-18)

DOGS—  How to Prepare for a Rescue Dog  (05-02-18)

DOGS— FREE online dog training for new pet parents of rescue dogs! (05-02-18)

DOGS—  Top 10 Dog Food Myths  (05-01-18)

CATS—  Should You Be Concerned If Your Cat Has Eye Discharge?  (04-30-18)


DOGS AND CATS 6 Reasons Why It’s Hard for Veterinarians to Talk About Overweight Pets  (04-27-18)

CATS— Indoor/Outdoor Cats  (04-26-18)

DOGS AND CATSMoving With PetsMoving Tips for Dog and Cat Parents (04-25-18)

DOGS— Indoor Dog Enclosure – Important Guidelines to Follow When Choosing One For Your Dog  (04-24-18)

CATS— Essential Oils Can Be Very Dangerous to Cats ! (04-23-18)

DOGS— The Dish on Doodle Dogs: Setting the Record Straight on Allergies, Personalities and More  (04-22-18)

DOG FOOD RECALL— OC Raw Dog Recalls Dog Food Due to Risk of Listeria (04-21-18)

DOG TREATS RECALL— OC Raw Dog Recalls Dog Treats | April 2018 (04-21-18)

DOGS AND CATS   Different Products to Clean Pet Stains from Carpets  (04-21-18)

DOGS—Spay and Neuter: The Unbelievable Importance | Incredible Facts & Harmful Myths (4/20/18)

DOGS— 2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards®, One Week To Vote (4/20/18)

DOG FOOD RECALL— TruDog Withdraws Dog Food Due to Salmonella (04-20-18)

DOGS— Dog Bite Prevention (04-18-18)

DOGS—  5 Ways to Relieve Your Dog’s Boredom  (04-17-18)

DOG FOOD RECALL— Vital Essentials Dog Food Recall | April 2018 (04-17-18)

DOGS AND CATS  The Pet Stroller For Your Pets?  (04-16-18)

SUGAR GLIDER FOOD RECALL— Vitakraft Sun Seed Recalls of Sunseed Vita Prima Sugar Glider Food Due to Possible Salmonella Health Risk (04-16-18)

DOG FOOD RECALL— K9 Natural Recall (04-14-18)

BIRDS– 5 Tips to Using a Backyard Bird Feeder  (04-13-18)

DOGS—  Protect Those Paws  (04-12-18)

CATS—  Why Cats Fear for Strangers?  (04-10-18)

DOGS— Guide to Food Supplements for Dogs  (04-09-18)

BIRDS—  Species Spotlight: Red-Tailed Hawk  (04-08-18)

CATS—   Generally When Do Cats Reach Full Size?  (04-07-18)

DOGS AND CATSDon’t Fool Yourself: Animal Neglect Is Animal Abuse (04-06-18)

DOGS—  Kennel Cough Symptoms and Treatment  (04-05-18)

DOGS— EWWW! My Dog Eats Cat Poop!  (04-04-18)

CATS—  What To Do If Your Kitty Runs Away From Home  (04-03-18)

DOGS—Dog Bite Prevention Week Webinar Series (04-03-18)

DOGS– 6 Signs of Dog Joint Pain & How to Naturally Treat the Problem  (04-02-18)

CATS— The On Again/Off Again Litter Box User (04-01-18)

RABBITS 10 Things You Should Know About Pet Bunnies  (03-31-18)

CATS AND DOGSDental Hygiene  (03-30-18)

CATS AND DOGS Dangerous Pet Medication Mixes to Avoid  (03-29-18)

DOGS–The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs (03-28-18)

PET TREAT WARNING—FDA Alerts Pet Owners about the Presence of Thyroid Hormones in Certain Milo’s Kitchen Pet Treats (03-27-18)

DOGS– Vet Treatment Visibility- You Be There!!! (03-27-18)

FDA PET FOOD INVESTIGATION UPDATE—FDA Investigates Pattern of Contamination in Certain Raw Pet Foods Made by Arrow Reliance Inc., Including Darwin’s Natural Pet Products and ZooLogics Pet Food (03-27-18)

DOG FOOD RECALL—Darwin’s Dog Food Recall of March 2018 (03-27-18)

DOG FOOD RECALL—Blue Ridge Beef Dog Food Recall of March 2018 (03-27-18)

HAMSTERS:  8 Fun Facts about Hamsters  (03-26-18)

DOGS–  Can Dogs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?  (03-25-18)

DOGS– Can Dogs Have Autism  (03-23-18)

DOG TREATS RECALL—Smucker Recalls Milo’s Kitchen Dog Treatsk (03-23-18)


DOGS–  How to Find the Perfect Canine Companion for Seniors  (03-21-18)

CAT FOOD RECALL—Radagast Pet Food, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls One Lot of Rad Cat Raw Diet Free-Range Chicken and One Lot of Free-Range Turkey Recipe Because of Possible Health Risk (03-20-18)

CATS— Why Do Cats Leave Their Mouths Open After Smelling?  (03-20-18)

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