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  This article was submitted to Pet Guardian Angels of America by Richard Thomas     Photo by Pexels   6 Signs Your Dog is Having an Allergic Reaction If you live with a dog with an allergy, ...

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Updated on February 19, 2020

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DOGS—6 Signs Your Dog is Having an Allergic Reaction (02-20-20)

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DOGS AND CATS—What Pet Parents Need to Know About the New Coronavirus (02-18-20)

DOGS—Bed for Your Wiener Dog (02-17-20)

DOG FOOD WARNING—One Lot of Aunt Jeni’s Dog Food Tests Positive for Salmonella (02-16-20)

CATS—Can Cats See Spirits, Ghosts and Angels? (02-15-20)

DOGS—Benefits of Dog Walking for Dogs and Humans. (02-14-20)

DOGS—Heartworm Disease in Dogs (02-12-20)

DOGS— New Puppy-Clean House? (02-11-20)

DOGS—Throw A Dog’s Birthday Bash (02-11-20)

DOGS AND CATS— Cleaning Up After Your Pet (02-09-20)

DOGS AND CATS—Cbd oil for your dogs or cats (02-08-20)

CATS— New Indoor Cat (02-08-20)

CATS AND DOGS— Check Your Pet’s Heath (02-07-20)

CATS— When To Take Your Cat to the Vet (02-06-20)

DOGS— Selecting a Dog Groomer (02-06-20)

DOGS—Finding Your Perfect Pooch: A Guide to the 12+ Best Apartment Dogs (02-05-20)

DOGS— Dogs and Cold Weather Fun (02-05-20)

DOGS— Become A Dog Walker (02-04-20)

PARROTS— Training Your Parrot (02-03-20)

DOGS AND CATS— Keeping Your Pets Warm in Winter (02-02-20)

DOGS— Your Dog and Its Poop (02-01-20)

DOGS— Installing An Electric Dog Fence (01-29-20)

DOGS— CBD Oil and Your Dog (01-25-20)

DOGS— Bringing Doggie Home (01-24-20)

DOGS—Nominations for the 2020 American Humane Hero Dog Awards® (01-23-20)

DOGS— Home Alone (01-23-20)


BIRDS—“PerkyPet”:Why Birds Stay up Late (01-21-20)

DOGS— Dog Smells in Furniture (01-20-20)

PETS— Pet Care in School Curriculum’s (01-19-20)

PETS— Jobs For Pet Lovers (01-18-20)

PETS—A Guide to Traveling With Pets Internationally (01-16-20)

RABBITS—“AnimalMemtor”: Best Rabbit Hutch: Keep Your Bunnies Comfortable All Year Round! (01-15-20)

CATS— PetMd’s: Cancer in Cats: Symptoms, Types and Treatment (01-14-20)

DOGS— What Bones Are Safe for Dogs? (01-13-20)

BIRDS— Bird Feeders in Limited Space (01-12-20)

FERRETS— How To Ferret-proof Your Home (01-11-20)

DOGS AND CATS—  Easy Ways to Improve the Life of Your Pet (01-10-20)

PETS— Safety Tips for Traveling With Your Pets (01-09-20)


DOGS— Everything You Need for a New Puppy (01-07-20)

CATS—  Fat Cats  (01-06-20)

CATS— We’re All About Cats: Benadryl For Cats (01-06-20)

DOGS— Five Steps to Preventing Dog Separation Anxiety (01-05-20)

DOGS AND CATS—  The Hidden Costs of Pet Ownership  (01-04-20)

DOGS AND CATS— Winter Pet Care Tips: How to Keep Your Pets Safe in Colder Months (01-03-20)

DOGS— HowPup’s: Average Dog Lifespan – How Long Do Dogs Live? (01-01-20)

DOGS AND CATS— PetMd’s 9 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet (and You) (12-31-19)

DOGS— Best Dog Leash | Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Dog Leash (12-30-19)

FISH The Best Fish Tank of 2019 (12-29-19)

FERRETS Bathing ferrets: make an adventure for you and your ferrets (12-26-19)

PETS Symptoms, treatment for poinsettia, mistletoe, holly and other holiday plants known to be poisonous to pets, plus the National Poison Control emergency number. (12-24-19)

CATS— Early Age Spay/Neuter  (12-23-19)

DOGS AND CATS Pets and renter’s insurance: Why you need it (12-21-19)

DOGS AND CATS The Holiday Pet Guide: Keeping Your Pets Happy During the Winter Bustle (12-20-19)

DOGS How To Groom A Dog Recommended by Alice Tan at Likeablepets (12-19-19)

DOGS AND CATS How To Be a Nurturing Pet Owner to Your Fur Babies  (12-18-19)

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