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  This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Sandra Larson   What It Is Like Being a Dog Mom Dogs are one of the most loyal pets you can ever have. Although they can ...

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Updated on June 20, 2019

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DOGS AND CATS Pet Dental Care Guide (06-20-19)

DOGS–Bored Dogs (06-20-19)

DOGS– What It Is Like Being a Dog Mom  (06-19-19)

CATS– Discover Your Cat’s Unique Personality  (06-16-19)

DOGS– Help Your New Dog Feel Comfortable at Home (06-15-19)

DOGS AND CATS Basic Items You’ll Need As a New Pet Owner (06-15-19)

DOGS AND CATS   Obesity, Pets, and Nutrition: What You Need to Know  (06-15-19)

DOGS–   How to Calmly Deal With an Aggressive Dog  (06-13-19)

CATS- Caring for Cats: Veterinary Care, Nutrition, and Training  (06-13-19)

DOGS– Summer Safety Tips for Senior Pet Owners  (06-10-19)

DOGS– Knowing what to do when your Dog is Sick  (06-09-19)

DOGS– Keeping Your Pets Safe and Sound When You’re Not Around (06-08-19)

DOGS– Sleeping With Your Dog (06-06-19)

DOGS– 2019 Dog Food Suggestions (06-06-19)

LOST PETS pawmaw “A platform that reunites lost and stray pets to their owners. All you need to do to get our service is to make a report to us, post a shout out; and we will start looking for your family member.” (06-03-19)

DOGS– Driving With Dogs (06-03-19)

FERRETS–Ferret Voice One of the reasons people love having ferrets as pets are their fun and ecstatic behavior. (06-01-19)

CATS–Moving Your Cat to a New Location,(05-31-19)

VETS– Vet careers (05-31-19)

DOGS– Pet Parent Financial Checklist “First time pet paw-rents should prepare for the financial responsibilities of being a pet owner for upwards of 10-15 years (or more) since pet ownership is a lifetime commitment.” (05-28-19)

DOGS–10 Best Dog Breeds for College Students (05-28-19)

BIRDS–Birdwatching Guide Now, unless you’re part of the ‘birder’ world, you’d think it was a quiet little activity that some people pursue if they’re not content just looking at the birds that come to their backyard feeder.(05-28-19)

PETS– Having a Pet in Your Life  (05-23-19)

CATS– Things You Can Do With A Cat  (05-22-19)

PET FOOD RECALLS—Hill’s Pet Nutrition Additionally Expands Voluntary Recall of Select Canned Dog Food for Elevated Vitamin D (05-21-19)

DOGS AND CATS Dental Hygiene is Just as Important for Pets  (05-20-19)

DOGS AND CATS  Tips for Pet Business Owners  (05-18-19)

DOGS– Dog Losing Hair – Its Causes and How to Deal With It  (05-17-19)

DOGS AND CATS  6 Ways to Bond With Your New Pet  (05-15-19)

PET FOOD RECALLS—Dog Food Advisor reports:

  • Thogersen Family Farm recalled its raw frozen pet food due to contamination with Listeria bacteria (4/8/2019)
  • Hill’s Pet Nutrition recalled multiple lots of Prescription Diet and Science Diet wet dog foods due toxic levels of vitamin D(3/20/2019)

DOGS-Great oils for the canine companion  (05-14-19)

DOGS- Build Your Dog a Pool  (05-13-19)

DOGS-  Get Your Dog in the Pool With These Amazing Homemade Floaties  (05-08-19)

DOGS AND CATS  5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Healthy All Year Long  (05-07-19)

DOGS-  Cautions to Observe While Exercising Your Dog  (05-06-19)

DOGS AND CATS  Why Professional Grooming is needed for Your Pet  (04-22-19)

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