When The Dog Bites



This article was written for Pet Guardian Angels of America by Rachel Burns

What to Do If You Are a Victim of a Dog Attack

Description: Becoming a victim of a dog attack is a devastating experience. But many people don’t know what to do next. This article will be helped to find an answer to this question and how you can receive compensation for your injuries.

We can all agree that dogs are extraordinary animals and have an unmatched reputation for being man’s best friend. However, what most people tend to overlook is that they are animals and have the potential to let their wild side (especially the vicious dog breeds) take over and cause grievous injuries when they attack or bite. Fortunately enough, dog attacks and bites can be classified as personal injuries, and most justice systems provide a gateway through which you can hold dog owners responsible for their pets` damages. Examples of some of the compensations that you are entitled to include; medical expenses, lost wages, suffering and pain among many others.

Let’s consider your course of action after such an ordeal.

Seek Urgent Medical Treatment

It is vital for you to note that your health should never come second to any other priority. This principle should apply especially in situations of attacks and bites from any type of animal, including hounds. Seeking immediate medical help is paramount for the effective management of such injuries.

This is because it is common to find a significant number of dogs have not received rabies vaccinations thus making the wounds they inflict prone to getting infected. By the simple act of seeking immediate medical care, the medical personnel can quickly identify and help out in case there are any serious complications.

Collect Information

Collecting as much information as possible after dog attacks is yet another step that you should never omit. Similarly to being a victim of a car accident, it will be prudent for you to exchange relevant identification information with the hound owner or the responsible person when the attack took place. Such information includes the likes of; the person`s name, his/her address, and necessary contact information.

The above will not only help you as you kick-off your personal injury case in court, but it will also give you a platform of following up with the dog`s owner and finding out the details of its vaccination history. In case there were witnesses at the location of the attack, it is advisable to record their data as well.

Document Everything

Documenting every detail surrounding the events that took place during the attack is crucial for making a good case for your compensation. While these details are still fresh, record all that took place, when and where. You could also take pictorial evidence of the scene in which the attack took place as well as any visible injuries that you might have suffered. It is also helpful to save any document that is related to the incident to give you better bargaining chips in your future case. Such documents include; written records, medical records and even evidence of time lost from work.

Contact Animal Control and File a Report

Reporting a canine attack to the nearest animal control center in your locality is one of the most effective measures that you can take to prevent such attacks to members of the community. This is because the personnel in animal control agencies are trained to track down such dogs and take measures to ensure that they do not cause harm to other people.

They can take these animals into custody, or even start the process of revoking the dog owner`s license of owning the dog. It is also important to note that the investigations that the animal control center will carry out could prove to be of benefit to your case in the long run.

Dog bites can range from anywhere between mild to severe bites (which mostly are linked to rabid dogs). While there are myriads of victims of canine-bites, it is surprising to find that few people seek legal aid for the injuries as well as consequences of the dog attack (such as the inability to go to work) that may ensue. However, you should not worry any longer because the article above has highlighted some of the most practical and foolproof actions that you should take if you ever found yourself sailing in such a ship.

So, do you now know what to when attacked by a dog? Have you ever been a victim? How did you go about it? Share with us.

About the writer: Rachel Burns is an animal lover and journalist based in Dallas. She’s currently an editor of AllPetsExpert.com, a web site that helps pet owners learn more about animal behaviors, their training, health, food, etc.