When Your Dog Goes Missing

What To Do When your Dog is Missing


Every year many dogs go missing. They disappear from yards; they are taken from outside stores, or taken out of car. This happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes the thief likes the way your dog looks. Or they are looking to make some money and breed a purebred dog. Some stolen dogs have been found in puppy mills or in the practice ring at a dog fight. In rare cases animal rights groups are responsible for lifting a loved pet.

Taking some steps to ensure your dogs safety:

o Contact the police right away! File a report and give any information to identify or recall the dog. Express your distress to the police and urge them that it is an important matter.

o Let all the shelters and animal control pounds know about your missing dog. Drop off current photos of your dog and your contact information. Make sure your search extends into other towns and counties.

o While visiting these shelters make nice with the employees. If they remember your and your case they will be sure to make the right connection when and if your dog comes to their facility. Offer a reward for the return of your dog to encourage the overworked and underpaid employees

o If your dog happens to be purebred, get in touch with your local and national organizations for that certain breed. Clubs may be able to extend their reach through owners of a similar breed.

o  Cover your neighborhood and surrounding areas with a recognizable flyer. The flyer should include a few pictures a written physical description and address and phone numbers where you can be reached. Offer a reward because the effort of returning your pet is well worth it.

o  Put the flyers in high traffic areas. Make sure people will pass them and pay attention to them. Grocery stores, schools, the dog park are all great places to place your flyer. Drop flyers off at the shelters, vets offices, and other pet friendly places. Ask the shop owner if you would be able to place flyers in windows in order for the flyers to stay up as long as possible.

o Give flyers to people who are familiar with the areas. Postal workers, garbage men, couriers and paper boys travel the neighborhood daily and may have info on your lost pet.

o Pass on what has happened to friends and other fellow dog owners.

o Place your dogs picture and information on any of several lost-dog websites.

o If you can and the media is co-operative, call, write, and visit your local newspaper, television station and radio.

o Place an ad in the newspaper.

With all these useful tips you will hopefully be reunited with your pet. During you distress, make sure you pay attention to who you give your information to. Some people may take advantage of a person in a panic to find their lost pet. Be weary of someone trying to help too much or is asking for too much.

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