Winter Exercise Dangers

The Harsh Coldness of Wiinter and your Family Dog

You love your family dog ; you take care of it, while providing the food and water it needs as well as a place to sleep. This article will help you deal with the harsh coldness of wintertime and your family dog.

The Family Housedog

When it comes to the family housedog and wintertime, you need to make sure that the dog still gets the exercise it needs daily. Continue taking the dog for a walk or allowing the dog to go outside. Dog get use to and then depend upon their routines. They will not really understand why it is too cold to go outside. Besides, many dogs thoroughly enjoy going outside while the wind is crisp and clean with just the right tingle of coolness in the air that makes them feel frisky and free. In fact, you may be surprised to find that your family dog really likes getting outside and playing in the snow.

Dogs can be so very entertaining while playing in snow. However, some dogs may want to have nothing to do with snow for some reason or another. Nevertheless, while your dog is outside, provided it is a dog that has no natural breeding for extremely fridge climates, you should consider protective dog clothes for your indoor family dog. For instance, you can help your dog stay warm by retaining its natural body heat, while wearing sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, scarves, hats and boots as well as winterized windproof raincoats with fleece linings.

The Family Backyard Dog

When it comes to the family backyard dog and wintertime, you need to ensure that the doghouse is steady and secure in an area sheltered from the winds. It should be elevated in structure and sound enough to withstand wind, rain and snow. You should have an insulated doghouse or take the time to add clean straw for insulation. You will need to replace the straw insulation and bedding regularly. This is because the comings and goings of your dog will get the straw insulation and bedding wet and dirty.

If there is snow, you should shovel the snow from around it well enough that the dog can get to its bathroom area. Perhaps, allowing the dog to run freely in the backyard to enjoy the snow, while you are clearing its area and replacing the straw in the doghouse. Provide your dog with plenty of lukewarm water as he or she will need plenty during this time. If temperatures become intolerably cold, bring your backyard dog into the garage, carport or even the house, if you feel it is safe to do so. You may also consider a doghouse warmer to keep your dog warm in the backyard during wintertime.

Dogs Walking on Ice and Snow Melting Products

Ice and salt will accumulate between the toes of your dog whenever it spends any time walking on such surfaces and treated surfaces. You must either protect their feet from the side effects of ice, salt or chemical snow and ice removers. You can do this by training your dog to wear boots to avoid the problem. You can also apply dog paw wax or make sure to wipe his or her paws each time he or she goes in and out.

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