Yes, You Have No Pets, What Now?


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Ways to Help Animals in Need Even If You Can’t Have a Pet

The number of animals in need is staggering, and many animal lovers find themselves wanting
to find a way to help. Adoption is hugely beneficial in terms of putting a dent in the population of
animals in need, but the truth is that many animal lovers can’t have pets. Allergies, a busy
lifestyle, or housing limitations make owning a pet impossible for some. Thankfully, there are
plenty of ways to aid animals in need, even if you can’t have a pet.

Give to an Animal Charity

The organizations that prioritize giving back and saving animals in need are all nonprofit, which means they largely rely on donations to stay running. Monetary gifts are always appreciated,
and go a long way if you want to benefit animals but you can’t have a pet. In fact, many
adoption fees go towards expenses that help keep their doors open, as well as medical costs,
food costs, etc. However, you don’t have to give money, you can also give items that a charity
may need. Items like food, bedding, toys, and leashes are just some of the many things these
charities need. You may even be able to make certain items like cat harnesses or a blanket if
you’re crafty. Just make sure you’re researching the charity you plan to give to ensure they are reputable.

Volunteer Your Time

Taking a few hours of your time to clean a kennel, take a shelter dog on a hike, or play with a
shelter cat can make a world of difference for understaffed animal shelters and the animals
inside them. Nonprofit shelters often can’t afford large staffs, so they rely on volunteers to
complete duties needed to keep things running. There are many reasons why animals end up in
shelters, and one of them includes animals cruelty cases. The signs of animal cruelty are heartbreaking, and many of the animals affected need special attention to help them become
adoptable. Volunteers work hard to allow animals to trust again so that they can find their
forever homes.

Take Opportunities to Help

Sometimes helping an animal in need is just about doing the right thing when an opportunity to
help arises. For instance, many social workers focus on the homeless population and their
access to mental health services. However, some of the homeless population have animal
companions as well. Social workers who aid the homeless in finding resources for their pets are
taking an opportunity to do the right thing. You can do the same if you see a dog in a hot car, a
stray animal in peril, or a pet in a neglectful situation. Each situation can be remedied by
contacting the appropriate authorities. Even if you can’t have a pet, you can help an animal if
you notice it’s in trouble, and that can make all the difference for them.

Start a Side Business

There are plenty of businesses you can start that include animals. You can make treats, walk
dogs, sew pet beds, get into grooming, make collars, do pet sitting, and more. Even if you can’t
have a pet, there are plenty of businesses you can run that help pets in other ways. Though
many of these ideas don’t affect animals in need directly, you can donate a portion of your
profits, or use your business to promote animal charities and shelters. Your side business may even blossom into a full-time job, but that may be exactly what you want! Networking with other animal businesses in your area, even shelters and charities, can only aid in your business ventures.

Support Animal Rescues

Sometimes just being a supporter of a cause you care about can do a lot for getting the word
out there for that nonprofit. If you can’t afford to give your time, money, or resources, supporting them by spreading their message can be highly valuable. Like their social pages, share their stories, and talk about the events and causes they are using to spread awareness. Go to their
events, bring a friend, and even visit their shelter just to say hi even if you can’t volunteer.
Support in their community means a lot, and you can do great things by being in their corner.
Find a rescue that you connect with and begin supporting them. It’ll allow them to widen their
reach, which can save more animals in need.

It’s true that adopting an animal is a great way to help pets in need, but it’s not the only way.
Many people simply can’t have a pet, but they can aid animals in other ways that don’t involve
bringing a fuzzy family member into their home. It’s about donating what you have available,
whether that be time, money, or services. But even if you can’t do that, you can make a
difference by being a supporter, or even by starting a business of your own. Find what works for
you. Any small gesture matters when you’re supporting a cause and helping animals in need.

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