Your Cat’s Modes

If Your Cat Could Speak

Quoted from the Spring 2000 issue of the Northeast Animal Shelter’s “animal tales”.  This shelter is located in Salem, MA and can use your support.  Please visit their web site at

Would you like to know what your cat is thinking?  You can never be sure what’s on her mind.  But if you know what to look for, most felines have body language that will give up a clue.

When your cat behaves in these ways, here’s what she might be trying to tell you.


Your cat is most likely to look happy when she is lying down, looking at you directly.  Her eyes may be half-closed, her tail relaxed, and her ears are upright.


When your kitty wants to play, she may bat a toy with her front paws, keeping her claws withdrawn so that no one will be scratched.  Sometimes she will roll over onto her back, but this position can lead to aggressive behavior.


It is very common for your cat to roll onto her back, looking as if she wants to have her tummy rubbed.  But, watch out!  This is the best position for her to scratch, bite and grab your hand with all four of her feet.  Playing can turn into nasty behavior very suddendly.  A twitching tail usually means that your cat is becoming aggravated.  This is a warning that she should be left alone.


Cats who are afraid can become aggressive.  Danger signs are ears flattened back against the head, and a high pitched “growl.”  Other cats who are fearful often hide in a safe, quite place.


When a cat rubs her face and body against you, it is actually a back-handed compliment.  You cat is “marking” you as a part of her special family.  While she’s telling you that she likes you, she’s also saying that she owns you.

Cats will always be somewhat of a mystery to us.  And after all, isn’t that one of the reasons that we love them?

Please remember to visit Northeast Animal Shelter’s web site at, and help them in their efforts to save our friends.