Your Dog and The Mailman

Teach Your Dog To Live in Peace with Your Mailman


January 6, 2013 posted by Sara B. Hansen

By Terry Jester

The average postal carrier has a definite aversion to certain words and phrases.

Teach your dog to live in harmony with your mail carrier.

“We need the moisture” is one such phrase. But if you really want to make a postal carrier nervous, try, “Don’t worry. He’s friendly!”

Because not only does that mean that the dog is loose, but the postal carrier knows that these words are frequently followed by, “Gee! I’m terribly sorry! He’s never done that before!”

Postal carriers really have a hard time when it comes to neighborhood dogs. The dogs perceive them as intruders and challenge them routinely.

The dogs think they’re just doing their job. From the dog’s perspective, these people come into their neighborhood, wander from place to place very suspiciously, and then leave, audaciously coming back again and again.

Seeing the intruder in the neighborhood drives some dogs into a frenzy. The closer the intruder comes to the property, the more frenzied the dog becomes.

Eventually, the postal carrier, on his or her rounds, goes on to the next area, but from the dog’s point of view, his barking and aggression “chased” the dangerous intruder away. Again and again, day after day. The intruder is driven away by Fluffy’s vicious display of heroics at the bay window or front gate.

But what happens if Fluffy gets out of the yard? As the dog has successfully chased this dangerous intruder away from the house every day for weeks, months, or some times, years, his ego and self confidence when it comes to being aggressive to potential intruders has been driven off the scale.

Fluffy becomes “Super Dog” defender of family, home and property. And postal carrier beware if Fluffy can get to you to bite you, he will. In his mind, he’s won every “fight” he’s been faced with each time the carrier gets close to his house.

If you have a dog who acts aggressively toward your postal carrier, UPS driver, meter reader or anyone else just trying to go about their business doing their job, you need to take immediate action to stop the behavior.

It can be done. It’s one thing if the Fluffy you own is a Pekinese or other small dog. But, if your Fluffy is a big dog then your postal carrier and others are in danger.

Make sure your dog understands that there are consequences to aggression. And remember, your carrier doesn’t want to hear, “Don’t worry. He’s friendly.” He wants to hear, “Don’t worry. He’s locked up.”

You won’t be making your dog less of a watchdog. You’ll be making him a safer house pet.

Terry Jester is a nationally recognized expert on companion animal behavior. She is regarded by The Humane Society of the United States as being, “Humane and effective in dealing with problem pets and their owners.” Connect with Terry on her website.

This article is posted and shared with the permission of Sara Hansen of Dog’s Best Life